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CMCE Next Gen Showcase: Thurs 10th March

The Centre for Management Consulting Excellence runs evening symposia that we call Showcases whose purpose is to share leading edge thinking of interest in management consulting.   This event is open both to Company Members and Non-Members to book.

​The post-pandemic world of work

At our March Showcase, a panel of up-and-coming thought leaders will be examining what the future holds for the world of work.  As the covid pandemic enters its third year, members of our community have put their heads together over a seven-week period to debate whether employment barriers can and/or should be opened in the same way that they have been in education.

This event closes our CMCE Next Gen series, a conversation that has been developing on the popular Clubhouse app.  This discussion about the future of work in a post-pandemic world was inspired by Rhonda A. Best’s research paper entitled ‘The Role of Intangibles in the Economic Recovery Post- COVID-19 Pandemic.’  Published in the September 2021 issue of the European Journal of Business Management and Research and available here, the article suggests that open access to employment can be a way for employers to manage uncertainty and build a robust global talent pipeline.

Our series of events was created to get new and fresh perspectives, as well as to give the next generation of management consultants an opportunity to talk about a topic that concerns clients and, more widely, our sector as a whole.

Questions posed to panellists on Clubhouse over the weeks included:

  • Do entry level jobs require interviews?
  • Will training be necessary in order that graduates are prepared to enter the gig economy?
  • Can every employee contribute to marketing?
  • Can every employee contribute to innovating?
  • Do employees understand the value of the work they perform?
  • Do current management practices undervalue some employee contributions?
  • How might employment legislation need to change to prepare for the future of work?

As the seven-week conversation concludes at this Showcase event, selected panellists will share their views on the factors impacting the open access approach to employment. Can removing employment barriers create a steady flow of new jobs?

Stay tuned for more details as the theme unfolds.

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March 10th, 2022 6:30 PM through  8:30 PM
Zoom Video Conference
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