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The Lord Mayor's Show - 2014 - What an experience!

Reacting in the "Cheshire Cheese" .....

I feel euphoric. It has touched my soul.  I have just experienced for the first time walking in the procession of the Lord Mayor’s Show as a Member of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants.  I’m struggling to move on, to get involved in the rugby that now surrounds me in the Cheshire Cheese.  But that’s fine.  I feel happy.  I’m still revelling in it.  Revelling in the reaction of the crowds.  Revelling in the warm camaraderie of the diverse groups celebrating the new Lord Mayor. I delight in the honour of being able to play a part, a small part in our majestic City.  I felt the energy of the crowd first hand. And felt how it both enthused and humbled me.

Warmed by the coffee, kedgeree and bacon that had been prepared by the kind and fair hands of Mary and Jackie Johnson, our matching white brollies opened to catch the early drips of rain and to drive it away, Misha briefed me on what was expected.  “Engage” she said, “Do High-Fives”, “Say Hi to everyone”, “Wave”. A better coach I could not have had!  She was a seasoned Procession professional but still exuberant and excited about it starting! 

And, with the marching band leading us forward, we were off! Selecting the expectant eyes of the little ones, knowing we had to notice them, that we could make them feel special, make them feel truly part of the celebrations.  Today, the magic was ours to give and so we did: to the balconies, to the windows, to the 5th row in, to the groups of brownies and scouts, to the little ones snuggled in tightly, low behind the barriers.   “Hurrah” accompanied Chris’s every movement, as the crowd clamoured to get a feel of the mace that he was sharing so warmly…

Later Reflections

Later that day, my husband was to remark to my sons that the eight of us in the Management Consultants’ led the Livery in the Lord Mayor’s Show - and we did indeed!  As the fortunate supporters of the Sea Cadets, we preceded the Fishmongers and so it was, gowned and capped, that our Master, Patrick Chapman, together with David Peregrine-Jones, Noorzaman Rashid, David Johnson, Chris Parkhouse, Misha Hebel, Gill King and I found ourselves walking as the very first Livery Company, in between the marching band and float – my oh my!

Typing this now, I reflect again and I wonder whether I dreamed up this amazing day? When the energy pouring out of us was so squarely matched by the energy pouring in.  When the crowd in the Cheshire Cheese was cheering Ireland onto their win, I was still cheering the City of London!  I feel so incredibly lucky to have played a part.  Thank you!





Assistant Heather Matheson