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Frequently Asked Questions

Using our website

Our website provides a growing repository of information about WCoMC, our members and our many contacts with the Civic City, the Livery and the Third Sector. We hope that the questions and answers on this page help you learn more about us and also about this resource. If you have any questions that are not covered here, or suggestions for items that should be covered, please contact

  • How do I login? All members of WCoMC and registered account holders have unique usernames and passwords that give access to the membership and events areas 'behind' our website, accessed by the Member Login menu link at the top right corner of each page.
    If you have forgotten your password (or your username), click on the Member Login link and then select Request new password and enter your username or registered email address and then click on E-mail new password. The system reverts to the normal login menu, but ignore this as an email ("Replacement Login Information") with instructions for resetting your password will have been sent to your registered email address, including a URL link which you should click on. This link takes you to the (one use only) Reset Password page on our site where you simply click on Login, which logs you in and takes you to your account details page. Now enter the password you want to use (and confirm it) - bearing in mind that you should use alphanumerics, not 'specials' (i.e. £$&% etc), ideally creating a password between 6 and 16 characters in length; finally click on Save at the bottom of the screen.
    Please note that if you do not receive the "Replacement Login Information" email, it is likely that it has been blocked by your email system or provider (some have quite aggressive filters). At this point, ask us for help (email
  • Is there a list of members? Within the sub-menu linked from The Company on the main menu bar, we list all our officers - our Master, Clerk and Office Team, Wardens and Court of Assistants and Almoner. You can also search for a member on the Members page, also linked from The Company menu; (NB this search used to provide members' professional and contact details, if you are a member and logged in when doing the search - but now withdrawn owing to GDPR).
  • How do I book for an event? Members and non-members can register themselves and their guests onto our main events (provided they are "open for registration" i.e. you can see a "Register Now" button when you click through to the event page):
    ♦  If you are a member: Click through to the event and Login (see above) if you have not already done so. Provided the event is "open for registration" (see above) click on the "Register Now" button and follow the guidance - basically booking a number of "tickets" for yourself and your party, then going to the Your Bookings and Guests page (listed on the Events sub-menu) and enter/amend your guests names, email addresses, access needs and dietary requirements; payment is automatic. Note that you can add to/update/amend this information until the event booking closes
    ♦  If you are not a member: Some of our events are "Open" to non-members - clearly marked and you will see the "Register Now" button on the event page. Follow the instructions to make your booking noting that payment - Debit/Credit/PayPal account - will be taken immediately through PayPal
    ♦  What do I do in response to: "You do not have permission to register ..."? This message can appear under certain rare circumstances when booking an event - it means "Please Login"! Click on "Member Login" and once you are verified, you should be able to proceed by clicking the "Register Now" button. If this fails please contact
    ♦  How do I change a booking? If you need to increase/decrease the number of tickets you have purchased, then please contact If you wish to update your booking, for example adding your guests' details, go to the Your Bookings and Guests page (listed on the Events sub-menu) 
  • What can I do if I think I have not received a WCoMC email? Members can see a full list of Company emails sent over the last year. Firstly Login, then go to the Members Area using the menu at the top of the screen and click on Recent Company emails in the Members Area Menu.
    Please note that there is a possibility that our emails have been blocked by your email system or provider (some have quite aggressive filters). If you suspect this has happened, ask us for help (email