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Host and Guest registration

Your Current Bookings and Guest Registrations - Introduction

Members and Registered Event Account Holders are able to list and review all their event bookings and amend their participation details and those of their guests at any time before an event booking closes.

The detail of your bookings is set out in the shaded boxes at the foot of this page, but please note:

  • You will only see events you have actually booked (all successful bookings are confirmed by an automatic email from our event system to you)
  • You can enter or amend booking details (i.e. names, emails etc as described below) using this page at any time until the event booking closes.
  • If you want to change the number of tickets you have purchased you will need to contact our events team. Please read the detailed guidance on the Events Home Page. (Note: simply deleting guest details does not reduce the number of tickets that you have purchased; the ticket is simply left blank.)
  • In order to access a specific event that you have booked, click on the appropriate Event Name box below to show the number of places you have booked and the names of the guests you have already entered. When you want to add the details of a guest to one of your tickets, click on Enter Guest Details for the specific event. You will need to enter their Name, Email address and any Diet or Access Needs, or Seating Requests, and finally click Submit, which is at the end of the registration window. (Note: please do not use your email address for your guests; please only use their email address.) Note that guests are not automatically emailed when you set up their details; you and they will receive a Pour Memoire close to the date of the event, or any other important messages that we may send to all attendees relating to the event.
  • If you want to amend your participation details or those of one of your guests (i.e. Diet or Access Needs, or Seating Requests) you simply update the entry here, remembering to click on Submit at the end of the registration window.
  • If you need to exchange a guest, or amend an existing guest's name or email address, you must delete the existing guest entry and then re-create and submit a new one. (If you want to change your own name or email address, you need to ask us to do this; please click here to email us)
  • Each event entry shows you how many names you have confirmed and the total number of places you have booked e.g. 'Confirmed 3/8'. If you wish to buy more tickets, or reduce the number you have already purchased, please email our events team and, subject to demand and availability, they will be happy to accommodate you.


Your Up-Coming Bookings

When logged in, Members and Registered Event Account Holders can review and amend the detail of all their event bookings, as explained above. If you are not logged in, click on the Member Login link at the top right corner of the screen and after successfully logging in you will return to this page. If you have made a booking, but nothing shows below, please email us for help.

Please note: when adding or updating your bookings, there can be a slight pause whilst our events database completes its update and this page refreshes with the changes. We recommend you keep an eye on your browser's "refreshing page" icon.   Thank you.

Your detailed bookings are:

You do not appear to have any bookings for future events. If you have previously made a booking, are you currently logged in? Please check the menu at the top of your screen to see. If you have only partially paid for your booking, for example if we have increased your booking and you are yet to pay, or had your payment acknowledged, please come back later.

If you are a member or a registered event account holder and logged in and expect to see one or more bookings, click here to email us for help.   Thank you.