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The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants

Welcome  —  our mission is:  Change through Wisdom  —  our values are:  Philanthropy, Education and Fellowship

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WCoMC is a modern livery company. We are a professional peer group that contributes to the continuing success of the City of London and our UK consultancy industry, which itself works with, helps and supports all sectors of the present-day international economy. We are a Charitable Enterprise, founded in 1992, incorporated by Royal Charter and an integral part of the network of the Civic City, the Lord Mayor and Corporation of London.

Through our members' volunteering we have built up an enviable record in helping and developing NonProfit (Third Sector) Organisations with our ProBono Consultancy and Mentoring. Similarly we contribute to and enhance the Education and Professional Development and standing of management consultants. Above all we support, stimulate and learn from each other through our Professional Fellowship, our formal and informal Events and Meetings and the varied activities of our Special Interest Groups.

Click on the links on this page to find out more about WCoMC, or if you represent a NonProfit and would like to request our ProBono Support, or as a fellow professional how to connect with us.

Giving and Gaining has always been at the heart of the livery movement. We focus around five particular areas of activity:

  • ProBono consultancy and mentoring projects for charities, coupled to evening seminars and skills development workshops, all overseen by our ProBono Committee
  • Stimulating colleagues with presentations and informal discussions at Professional Network eg Shop Talk meetings or at CMCE showcase meetings, or the broader education programme organised by our Education Committee
  • Donating to our Charitable Fund, thus enabling its Trustees to make grant funding available to worthy causes
  • Contributing to the governance of our Company through its Committees and the Court
  • Embracing the diverse opportunities offered by the City to Liverymen

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