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Centre for Management Consulting Excellence (CMCE)

About CMCE

The Centre for Management Consulting Excellence is our open and collaborative professional community for the sharing of leading and emerging practices in management consulting. It brings together practitioners, researchers and all those with an interest in consulting in its various forms through a series of events, published research and the exchange of knowledge both through our website, through a regular newsletter and a presence on LinkedIn (over 1,130 followers). We seek to identify the difficult and challenging issues that consultants and their clients deal with and to encourage and promote excellence through sharing ideas and academic research in these areas.

Education is one of the primary objectives of Livery Companies and many have of course set up and supported their own schools over the years. The establishment of the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence by the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants follows this tradition and does this within our own domain of interest.

Management Consulting is a major business in the UK turning over about £9bn pa. The benefits that management consultants bring to their clients are many multiples of this and consequently they have an undoubtedly major impact on UK productivity.

In 2023 Management Consulting was in the news a fair bit – see our annual report for last year – page 33.  It would have been nice for CMCE to have been asked its opinion but we weren’t which  shows that we still have plenty of work to do to raise our profile in the industry and the world at large.

Nick Bush was appointed as the Director of CMCE with effect from 1 January 2021, succeeding the Founder Director Calvert Markham, who established the Centre in 2017. Nick is a management consultant who specialises in helping organisations improve their performance through a much greater focus on their customers. With over 30 years consulting experience in strategy and change management across a number of industries including banking and telecommunications, Nick is a founder and director of NextTen, a consultancy which helps organisations build the capability to be genuinely customer-centric. He is also the trustee of two music education charities. 


Nick has recently been succeeded by Jim Foster. Jim became Director of CMCE in January 2024. He has led a long running programme on Excellence in Consulting, authoring two reports on management consultant value and chairing workshops on management consultancy performance. He also takes an active role in organising CMCE’s programme of educational events for management consultants. More about Jim here.

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