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The Company Court

​WCoMC's Officers and Court

As defined in our Statutes and Rules: "the affairs of the Company shall be managed by a Court which shall consist of a Master, a First Warden, a Second Warden (and if elected a Third Warden and a Fourth Warden) ["The Officers"] together with the Immediate Past Master and not less than ten nor more than sixteen elected Assistants, all such members of the Court being Liverymen of the Company. Any Past Master of the Company will remain a member of the Court for a period not exceeding three years from the date of vacating the office of Immediate Past Master after which he or she may stand for election as an Assistant."

Every year the Officers are elected from the membership of the Court. Individual Assistants hold their office for a period of three years and elections are held each year when vacancies arise. In addition, the Court may appoint an Honorary Treasurer and co-opt Liverymen or appoint ex-officio members from time to time as required.

Current Officers (with pen pictures) and Court members are listed below:

The Court of Wardens (2021-2022)




Past Master






The Court (commonly called The Court of Assistants) (2021-2022)

In addition to the Master, Wardens and Immediate Past Master, the Court comprises the following Assistants, Past Masters, Honorary and Ex-officio Members:

Frank Brown Nick Bush PM Patrick Chapman PM John Corneille
Ron Cruickshank
(Hon Treasurer)
Sue Ells Simon Engwell PM Denise Fellows
Jim Foster PM David Johnson Malcolm McCaig Andy Miles
PM David Peregrine-Jones Collette Stone Karol Szlichcinski John Watson
Nanette Young      
Cooptee: Bob Harris    
Honorary: -- vacant -- (Chaplain)    
Ex officio: Julie Fox (Clerk)
Walter Gill (Acting Clerk)
PM Calvert Markham
(Father of the Livery)