CMCE Virtual Interactive Workshop 13 June:  Fearing the Unknown
Education Supper at Bakers' Hall 19 June:  AI's Role in Higher Education
Workshop at Plaisterers' Hall 25 June:  How should charities use AI?
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Past Masters

Our Past Masters in reverse chronological order

Our Livery Year runs October to October, with our Installation Ceremony usually falling on the third Thursday of the month — followed by a traditional Livery Supper to celebrate the start of the new master's year.

The Guild was first formed in 1992; the Foundation Dinner, at which our Founding Master David Miller was formally installed, was actually held in 1993.

With this in mind, our Past Masters are listed below; please click on any name, that is displayed as a link, for further details:

2022-2023:    Chris Sutton
2021-2022:    Steve Cant
2020-2021:    John Pulford
2019-2020:    Denise Fellows
2018-2019:    John Corneille *
2017-2018:    David Johnson
2016-2017:    Noorzaman Rashid
2015-2016:    David Peregrine-Jones
2014-2015:    Patrick Chapman
2013-2014:    Edward Sankey
2012-2013:    Geoff Llewellyn
2011-2012:    Mary Collis
2010-2011:    Vicky Pryce
2009-2010:    Bob Garratt
2008-2009:    Ian Daniell
2007-2008:    William Barnard
2006-2007:    Hugh Morris
2005-2006:    Barrie Collins
2004-2005:    Allan Duguid
2003-2004:    Alan Broomhead
2002-2003:    Patrick McHugh
2001-2002:    Mike Jeans
2000-2001:    Brian Pomeroy
1999-2000:    Wilf Eaton
1998-1999:    Keith Burgess
1997-1998:    George Cox
1996-1997:    Brian O’Rorke *
1995-1996:    Calvert Markham
1993-1995:    David Miller *

Those marked with an asterisk are deceased.