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A new Freeman - wavering between Livery Companies – heard that Management Consultants have more fun….

How WCoMC members can extend the impact of World Happiness Day....

You might be aware on March 19th it was World Happiness Day, however happiness is not restricted to one day a year (thank goodness). In fact it is never too late to bring a bit more happiness into the world, so I thought I might share some ideas to do just that. But before I do…

My journey into the Company started after one of the education events last year and over a glass of wine the conversation turned to joining either the Educationalists or Management Consultants. The arguments were persuasive for both, however the real clincher was when one voice stated, “the Management Consultants have more fun!” This view has been confirmed for me at every function so when I was asked to contribute to the newsletter, the spirit of fun and feeling good came straight to mind. I hope these thoughts might add a sprinkling of extra smiles.

1.    Do Something Unexpected and Lovely.

Please notice the two words used here are both conditional. Hiding behind a door at home and jumping out to scare a significant other might be unexpected and amusing but is unlikely to be lovely. Likewise clenching a rose between your teeth whilst in your birthday suit and bursting into the living room to surprise your dearly beloved might in principle be a lovely idea in your head but it might be best to check that is their idea of lovely (and that the W.I. isn’t hosting their monthly meeting on the same night in the same living room).  So instead how about these for your significant other…  Make breakfast in bed. Go for a walk in their favourite place. Go back to where you first met. Have a first date again. Do something they love and you don’t. Get a surprise gift and hide it in their brief case or gym bag. Write something from the heart.

2.    Show your Gratitude

No, this isn’t the name of a thoroughbred horse or a pedigree king Charles Spaniel and fortunately it has nothing to do with opening the wallet.  It is about saying two words. No not those two. I mean Thank You.  In our fast paced hectic world (well I am guessing that bit, as a growth coach who works in the hectic world of education) it’s easy to leave out thanks. However I see and hear the difference it makes to people when we say thank you. (“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.Maya Angelou). How many people make up our daily experience? Colleagues at work, people on the train, the coffee shop, restaurant, the doorman, taxi, tube etc. the list goes on…   You probably say thank you to most, do you? Why not have a day noticing all the people that make up your experience? Say thank you, let them notice you’ve noticed and see what difference it makes. Your own social experiment!

3.    Laugh Heartily and Often

Health warning: There is no need for a development plan on this front or a timetable of implementation. Under no circumstances should you stand in front of the mirror to practise (this could be seen to be odd behaviour or a sign of burnout or first hint of global ambition hence the need to practise maniacal laughter). Spontaneous and authentic laughter is good for the soul, good for our health, good for our mood and it is contagious. It builds a sense of connection with people and its fun. Often the loss of a sense of humour is the first sign of an underlying fear!  So if we can’t plan a laugh in our schedule, we can create the conditions for it to happen.… Reframe situations in your mind so they are less serious. Play by turning boring tasks into games or challenges. Learn to laugh at yourself. Laugh with people. Choose to surround yourself with fun people!!!!! (ah, the back to the start moment)…

….and in my case join the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants and attend glitzy events with wonderful people such as Elizabeth who I need to say thank you to for this opportunity, ;)  And Thank You too, Lee!  All extravagant compliments much encouraged ....  The Editor








Freeman Lee Newitt