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The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths - Annual Livery Dinner - April 2015 at the Mansion House London....

Freeman Maxine Room, with a rolling live picture account of this most glittering occasion....

As a very new member of the worshipful Company of Management Consultants I was delighted to be invited and accept the invitation to the dinner. Dinner seems to be an inadequate word for what was an exceptional event with stunning food. Although my partner and I have been to many black tie dinners in our time a white tie dinner was a new phenomenon. Never daunted by a new experience we did our research and homework and were helped by our host David Johnson with a sheet of information about the Blacksmiths and the protocols. 

Friends and family are very much intrigued by the livery company movement and it has  been an opportunity to spread the word and the history of guilds and liveries. As a Skinner's Company schoolgirl I perhaps knew more than most when I joined our Livery Company but I had not ever experienced such a wonderful evening as I did at the Mansion House. The venue, our 'blacksmith' host for the evening John Slater, the ceremony, the music, the entertainment plus our lively table group made the evening one both of us will remember for a long time. We are definitely looking forward to the next one!

Get ready for seeing familiar faces in these glittering pics of a night at the Lord Mayor's residence.....




Freeman Maxine Room

Dr Maxine Room CBE,  is Founding Director of MG Consultancy (London) Ltd