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Immediate Past Master, Edward Sankey, presents to the Master and Company a Stand for the Mace....

Off-the-wall engineering solution required, owing to the centre of gravity being where one wouldn't expect....

Before the Charities Supper IPM Edward Sankey presented to the Master and Company a Stand for the Mace.

Made of walnut to match the shaft of the Mace, it will display the Mace to fine effect.

Edward’s challenge was how to have the Stand designed and made. “The resources and richness of the Liveries' activities provided the solution” says Edward. “I spoke to the Master of the Furniture Makers, Paul von der Heyde, and he told me of the Edward Barnsley Workshop and its Designer, James Ryan.”

The Mace gave James a problem!  Its centre of gravity is in the large silver head, rather than in the shaft.  James’ inspired solution was to place an unobtrusive support under the hand of the  Company’s emblem.

In choosing a Mace Stand as his gift to the Company, Edward said he had always felt that when the Mace was lying on the table it looked undignified and unsteady, even making the Clerk and Beadle reluctant to place it on the top table because it would have to be close to the edge! “The Mace is the principal symbol of our Company” says Edward, “and it deserves proper display at our formal occasions. I was pleased to add to our Company’s tangible Treasure on that evening when we were also celebrating our intangible Treasure: our support to Charities.”

Edward was highly impressed with the work of James and the Edward Barnsley Workshop. It has a long history of craftsmanship in wood, producing wonderful furniture. The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers regular supports it, funding apprenticeships.  James and his team make beautifully designed furniture and other wood artefacts, which can be seen at  .

Immediate Past Master, Edward Sankey