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(Virtual) Education Lecture 19 May:  Unconscious Bias
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Are you interested in our interest groups?

Faith, golf, wine, schools and much much more....

Fellowship is key to our Company and whilst we know many of you already share common passions, we wanted to add a bit more structure to some of the informal groups and make sure members old and new could take advantage.

We currently have 12 interest groups - also called Panels. We hope you will find something of interest below and you can join or find out more by contacting the Panel Chair (the name in italics at the end of each panel) -

  • Book of Questions: To develop a methodology and publish a book that captures an entirely fresh approach to consulting – just questions, no answers -  that will prove to be of value, both to younger members of the profession and indeed to anyone faced with the problems of leading organisations, and that will further enhance the Company brand - contact Gia Campari 
  • Choir: To develop a group within the Company that will be able to contribute at the Annual Church Service - contact Alistair Dixon
  •  Education and Schools (ESP): Management Consulting in (and for) Education and Schools to (a) support schoolchildren and students to think like management consultants, (b) provide members with direct hands on experience of education and an opportunity to contribute, (c) create a pipeline of Management Consultants for the future, (d) create a focus around ‘projects with purpose’ taking a holistic view of education and its impact on children and young people - contact Dr Simon Davey
  •  Energy and Utilities: To enable members with a professional interest in these sectors to discuss issues and invite relevant experts to share their views - contact Simon Engwell
  •  Faith Group: We fear that the increasing polarisation of faiths in different countries and the discrimination of minorities currently taking place is threatening world security, and the future of civilised societies. We aim to (a) explore the current situation in specific countries to highlight the reality of abuses and the main causes behind the discrimination involved (b) bring to attention the positive work being carried out by particular organisations, (c) consider how this threat could affect commercial life in the City of London, and identify possible steps we might wish to take, corporately and individually, to alleviate the situation - contact John Watson 
  •  Future Versity: To enable members with an interest in this educational charity to work together - contact Keith Rivers
  •  Golf: To enable golfing members to enjoy playing golf together as well as to encourage fellowship - contact David Shannon
  •  Health: To enable members with a professional interest in these sectors to discuss issues and invite relevant experts to share their views - contact Steve Williams 
  • Music Group: To share fellowship with all interested members of the WCoMC, and to have fun in the pursuit of all things musical but at the same time to take every opportunity to support the appropriate charities where involved - contact Drewe Lacey 
  • Real Tennis: To introduce interested members to this wonderful game and, if desired, apply for tickets to watch the occasional professional match - contact David Peregrine-Jones 
  •  Shop Talk: To provide all members with an informal opportunity to share information about themselves and their practice - contact David Johnson
  •  Wine Club: Open to all Liverymen who want to enjoy and learn about wine with their fellow Liverymen. We have several meetings per year at which we taste wine, often with a meal, and aim to have at least one trip each year to a wine growing region where we can sample and buy interesting and good value wines. The Club has a small annual subscription and also requires members to make an annual loan of £144 to the Company, repayable after 5 years, to enable the Company to build up its cellar - contact Calvert Markham

The Panel Chairs are responsible for their group’s activities and for all group communications so please contact them directly if you are interested or simply want to know more. Some larger events will also be promoted on the Events (Quick Links) section of the Company website - - and we will be sharing occasional articles via the newsletter. You can also find our interest groups page on the website at and this will grow and develop alongside the panels.

We hope you enjoy joining in Fellowship with other members in Panels and who knows, one day we may be able to meet up at a multi-panel event - singing with a glass of wine on the golf course as part of a business enterprise school trip? We’re Management Consultants – we’ll make it work!

Freeman, Dr Simon Davey