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Perspectives, challenges, and modern technology ....

The Education Committee meets revolutionary constitutionalism and systems perspectives....

There’s a deservedly-forgotten BBC2 comedy series with a recurring sketch where the tourism committee of a small Yorkshire settlement argued, in broad accents, about the best technique to promote their village.

‘We need t’mek a promotional VIDE-o’, one member of the committee would regularly announce.

‘It’s vid-EY-oh’ another one would admonish.

So it is with some pride and some humility that I announce that I set up my little camcorder and over the course of a week and many, many top-ups to my mobile wifi data as I shuttled between hotel rooms, a very nice man in Romania has tidied and organised a little offering for you all for the princely sum of £109 all in.

It is thus that we now have the splendid spectacle of Ed Straw’s challenging and controversial speech, delivered against the splendid backdrop of the painted luminaries of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners aboard HQS Wellington, in the fitting setting of the youtubes for your watch-at-home pleasure.

Main speech:

Questions and answers at

As a reminder, Ed was talking about his considered consultant’s prescription for government of the UK – a new constitution designed to work. Have a look at for more.

What’s more, we also have the well-timed and well-brigaded thoughts of a mostly-illustrious panel at one of our regular Education Committee seminars, kindly sponsored by DAC Beachcroft. The subject here was:

'Systems thinking and the organisation of organisations:   why are consultants behind the curve?'

The event was run jointly with SCiO (systems and cybernetics in organisations), and your panel:

Main presentations:

Questions & answers are at:

Simon Davey has produced a wonderful write-up for a previous edition of the newsletter, which can be found at:






Liveryman Benjamin Taylor