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Dangerous games at the Summer "Shoptalk"….

Liveryman Karen Smith demonstrates a 14th Century pastime, and company members shatter glass in imitation....

To get  company members in the mood for the pre-holiday Shoptalk on 30th July at Wood St Bar & Grill a demonstration of Sabrage was given by Liveryman Karen Smith  – handsomely assisted by Blacksmith company member, John Slater -  in 107 Gilbert House.


Sabrage is the highly skilled removal of the top of a champagne bottle with a sabre!  Obviously to save time in getting the champagne into the glass.... which must thereafter be emptied!  


 Some intrepid Company members lifted the sword and gave the cork their cleanest shot - some a lot cleaner than others – with the objective of leaving enough bubbles in there to fill one’s glass many times over… 

Maxine Room

 Liveryman and Sabrage expert, Karen Smith

Liveryman and Founder of Shoptalk, Doug Prior, rasored his bottle with a strong left-arm golfer's drive, and it was not easy to tell the bubbles from the tiny pieces of shattered glass. A truly magnificent performance!  

Alan Broomhead, in addition to being poised and self-assured - scarcely needing to look at the cork - distinguished himself, as always, on an interpersonal level with the top operatives.

  Doug Prior effecting the Coup de Glass....         


The successful sword swingers included myself.  Although the champagne bottle was too heavy to be held unsupported in my left hand.  And my right arm - while perfectly adequate when lifting a glass of the bubbly potion -  needed a lot of external supporting muscle when it came to swinging a mediaeval sword.  Additional professional muscle and sinew was therefore provided, and the resultant swing produced the cleanest cork and fountain of bubbles of the evening!  We were thereafter formally initiated by Karen – resting the sabre on each shoulder - and inducted into the Confrérie du Sabre d'Or, an exclusive Club for party animals, established in the 14th Century.








Assistant Elizabeth Consalvi