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The Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) Award....


Let's professionalise - Consultation period – Assistant Graham Kennedy and others get involved....

A project collaboration was set in motion earlier in the year between the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Institute of Consulting (IC) and the Management Consultancies Association (MCA).  The goals of this collaboration are twofold:

  •          Create an opportunity for all management consultants to obtain a chartered professional qualification, and where appropriate, to progress from the current Certified Management Consultant (CMC) to Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC); and
  •          Create a ‘consultancy community’ within the CMI that builds on existing IC networks.

A comprehensive consultation exercise about ChMC Award has already been carried out amongst CMI, IC and MCA members.  Buyers’ and clients’ views have also been solicited and outputs of these findings have been consolidated and drafted into a ‘strawman’ definition for ChMC.

At CMI’s AGM on 22 September, CMI/IC full members will be asked to vote on a Special Resolution that Privy Council approval should be sought for the ChMC, within the CMI’s Royal Charter.

What opportunity exists to influence the development of ChMC and the ‘consultancy community’?

The initial objective of the collaboration is to develop a definition for ChMC.  This will include establishing criteria and processes for awarding the qualification, and encouraging members and stakeholders to buy in to the proposals.

The second objective is to develop a detailed competency framework, again taking into account outputs of the consultation exercise, also drawing on existing frameworks including those of large firms, with the draft ‘strawman’ taken to a second round of consultation.

The development of the consultancy community is less advanced.  CMI has agreed that the IC London and South East network should be used as a springboard on which to build this community.  In addition the CMI has asked the IC London and South East Management Committee to act as a sounding board for ChMC.

With the final draft of the definition and competency framework due for consultation in June, there is an opportunity for members of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants to hone the development of ChMC and to shape the consultancy community by engaging with the IC London and South East Management Committee. 

If you are interested in becoming involved please contact Graham Kennedy, Chair of the Institute of Consulting London and South East Management Committee.  You can reach Graham at: or on 07921 906850.







Assistant Graham Kennedy