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Another Historic "First" for the Music Interest Group ....

WCoMC music followers toast the outstanding performances at the Guildhall School's Gold Medal 2015 award evening... including a double-winner!...

At the Guildhall School's Gold Medal 2015 award evening on 13th May the Music Interest Group experienced their second historic event of the year.  The performances by the four finalists, Milan Siljanov, Marta Fontanis-Simmons, Thomas Atkins and Jennifer Witton comprehensively blew our minds.

Such was the brilliance of the voices which filled the Barbican Hall that all bets were off as to which of these outstanding singers we thought would win the coveted Gold Medal.  If we couldn't decide, then it appears we were in good company.  For the first time in the history of the Gold Medal, the adjudicators awarded not one, but two Medals to Marta Fontanis-Simmons, mezzo soprano and Jennifer Witton, soprano.  The Music Interest Group celebrated their success and its own love of music and fellowship in true Company tradition with a very convivial supper at Côte afterwards - where we raised our glasses to history being well made. 

Please join us next year!





Felicity Lacey