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A 'Serial' Master.... !

A former Master Haberdasher and Past Master of the Management Consultants, Mike Jeans was installed as Master Chartered Accountant in Haberdashers' Hall on 12th October 2016....


Principal Guest at Mike Jean's Installation (seated) is Baroness Hale, first woman Law Lord and only female member (and Vice President)
of The Supreme Court 


Mike must enjoy being a Master, as he has previously been both Master Management Consultant and Master Haberdasher!

The three Companies have much in common but are also very different.  (Their ‘Order of Precedence’ is shown in brackets below). The Haberdashers(8), a ‘Great 12’ Company and founded at least as early as 1371, has no connection with its trade, but is very actively involved with governing its 17 schools in both the maintained and independent sectors – arguably more than any other Company.

The Management Consultants(105) are one of several so called ‘modern Companies’ founded since the Second World War and retaining, since its formation, close links with both the trade and profession of management consultancy.

The Chartered Accountants(86) is also a ‘modern company’ but ‘closed’ in that its membership is restricted to members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

Both The Chartered Accountants and The Management Consultants are members of a select group of 12 Livery Companies that describe themselves as the ‘Financial Services Group (FSG)’.  This group might arguably describe itself as the modern face of the Livery movement and seeks to advise the Lord Mayor in the role of representing the ‘business City’ on travels overseas.   

All three Companies are actively involved in charities and all have military affiliations which are greatly valued. Both the Management Consultants and The Chartered Accountants have particularly close relationships with the Sea Cadets.

For some years, The Haberdashers’ Company has run an event when students (lower 6th/Year 12) from its schools are ‘selected’ to come to an event in London to learn more about a career in a ‘modern’ profession; these events are hugely successful and much appreciated by the students who attend. Mike was chair of Haberdashers’ Education Committee for five years (and still has some influence!); as a result both The Management Consultants’ and The Chartered Accountants’ Companies have been partners in the events – a real demonstration of the strength of the Livery movement past, present and future.

Why does Mike love Livery Companies? His answers might be: ‘charity, education, youth, ‘dressing up’, ‘processing’, fellowship, tradition coupled with modernity/relevance, the Civic City etc – is that enough!?

And finally – have you yet bought ‘The 99 essential business questions’ published recently and authored by seven Company members (Gia Campari, three Davids (Shannon, Glassman, Peregrine-Jones) Benjamin Taylor, Patrick McHugh and Mike)?   If not, then visit Amazon!!

Past Master Mike Jeans