Members' Reception 17 Apr:  Guildhall, Members' Dining Room
MMIW #17  Valuing Networks 18 Apr:  Zoom Meeting — Nanette Young
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Management Consultants take the lead…! 

City Go-Kart Grand Prix – June 18th Sandown Park, Esher... the fear-inducing tactics against our [- shall we even so call them -] "Competitors" have begun...


The Company is once again supporting the Lord Mayor’s Appeal by participating in the City Go-Kart Grand Prix alongside other Livery Companies. The event is open to drivers of all abilities, with up to four drivers per kart and unlimited numbers of supporters. The booking cost of £1,000 per kart is going to the Appeal.   


Please see our Company website for more information and an opportunity to register your interest as a driver, sponsor or supporter.  


We have a reputation to uphold, and there is nothing we don't know about burning rubber;  screeching brakes;  crash barriers;  U-turns;  calling in at [Competitors'] pit stops;  handling Groupies;  spraying over each other that sticky champagne from the mega winning bottle .... 


To keep those who go mad once behind a wheel in check (or not) It would be great to have a solid Company presence once again at this fantastically enjoyable inter-Livery event.  [Although we're not on that track to make friends, you understand....!   Smiling at competing drivers about to overtake generally frowned is combing ones hair in transit....]   


For more information about the event, expressions of interest to participate or attend;  or offers to provide or raise sponsorship please contact Liveryman Paul Squire who is coordinating our involvement.







Paul Squire, Liveryman (and Racer...)