Informal Drinks in the City 21 May:  Meet with us at the Golden Fleece
CMCE Virtual Workshop (3rd of 5) 23 May:  Next Gen2.0: Risky Business
Education Supper at Bakers' Hall 19 June:  AI's Role in Higher Education
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Breakfast at the Barbican - getting fortified and gowned-up for the Lord Mayor's Show....

The Mistress launched the WCoMC parading party with Breakfast at their home at Barbican...  

So here goes...  my views of the Lord mayor’s Show...

A great event, particularly as I did not have to walk, but well done to all those who did.

The hats are ready:



The temporary Beadle awaits:

















The Second Warden is well dressed!

So off we go!


 It was not an uneventful day – but most people at breakfast made it to lunch at the George.











  For which we have to thank, not only the George but Elizabeth.





  It gives such a wonderful view – even if it is from behind!

Our official photographer has a lot of pictures – but you could catch the team  on YouTube

Just watch the Sea Cadets and get ready for the end! You’ll find some familiar faces...






Mary Johnson, Mistress