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Pull !   Novices, Experts and Groupies… WCoMC is forming a clay shooting team…!

Guns and instructors provided for novices - inaugural practice and first 'Shoot Lunch' on November 30th...!

With the shooting season upon us, many of us look forward to crisp mornings in the English countryside patiently waiting on our peg for birds to take flight, the sounds of the beaters, the happiness of a retriever mid-mission, the ‘thud’ of our quarry hitting the ground and - best of all - morning sharpeners, elevenses and a substantial shooting lunch. 

With this wonderfully romantic image of shooting in your mind, I would like to invite you to consider joining the charter WCoMC clay shooting team. OK, there will be no thud of falling birds, elevenses, or looking out onto the moor from behind your trusty side by side but there will be a convivial shoot lunch... which is the really important part. 

We are looking for all enthusiastic shooters - from seasoned experts with a study lined with trophies;  to pre-beginners who are just getting interested in the sport;  to form this new team.

The purpose of the team will be to compete in two competitions in 2018:

 - the Interlivery Shoot:  and

- the shooting event at the City Championship:

 both usually taking place in May. 

This gives us seven months to form and practice... and think of all those lunches! Speaking of lunches. I am proposing organising an initial meeting, shoot and lunch either at Bisley, West London Shooting School or some other such venue.

We will meet and shoot in the morning - with both guns and instructors provided for new `guns’, followed by what I believe will be the first WCoMC ‘Shoot Lunch’. We will then agree our way forward and training schedule. Not too rigorous and mostly coupled with a lunch.

I truly encourage anyone interested in shooting to subscribe as we can form several teams and I am sure that someone getting the ‘bug’ can easily be competitive from a standing start by May. Alternatively anyone just interested in an agreeable lunch in the near country with fellow liverymen, you are certainly welcome too.

In summary:  we are forming a WCOMC shooting team!   We are looking for all interested parties from novice to expert; and we will hold our inaugural practice and lunch on Wednesday November 29th somewhere very near London at a very agreeable venue.

Please email to express your interest, ask any questions or, indeed, subscribe to our first meeting. When doing so please state whether you are advanced;  experienced but would like a lesson;  or new to the sport and will require a loan gun and lesson. Also please provide your location so I can select the most convenient venue for all.






Douglas Mancini, Freeman