Members' Reception 17 Apr:  Guildhall, Members' Dining Room
MMIW #17  Valuing Networks 18 Apr:  Zoom Meeting — Nanette Young
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O Victrix ludorum  - Winner of the Games…

Inter-livery Pancake Race - February 2018 - Management Consultants excel ....


The day started well – as well as can be expected on a damp dismal morning.  At 7.30 am the Master said – “I must practice”  … “What?”  I said.  "Tossing pancakes..."

So guess what we had for breakfast – and supper!  A one-egg mixture can go a long way;  and when you are as good at tossing as DCJ then you only need a single practice pancake!


Well -  they say practice makes perfect…… and it almost did!

Following a debate about appropriate clothes and shoes   "I don’t want to fall’ – (or was that “fail”) we set off to a rain-soaked Guildhall yard. Umbrellas galore, mixed with gowns and plastic ponchos.

But the show must go on!   


Dressed for the occasion!  But the occasion has changed. Now they’re not running and tossing pancakes;   just tossing.  How many can you do in one     minute?   



Well - Master Management Consultant could do over 70!  Clearly the counter couldn’t manage to count quickly enough, as he was only accredited with 65!  The Firefighters Livery cheered us on, amazed at the speed of tossing and flipping!

 Net result – he managed to out-do all the other Livery Masters – in over three heats;   and pulled off  the  Victor  ludorum ! 

 This was our nemesis, though.  By now cold, wet and hungry – we could only manage (if we’re generous) fourth.  

 But we still got a trophy…     More company treasure?

Anyone want to make more pancakes?

Or perhaps there’s a better use for a frying pan!                                                                                                                    Mary Johnson,  Mistress