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A visit to Skinners' Hall...


Beadle Mervyn Bassett escorts WCoMC and consorts of other Livery Masters on a tour of Skinners' Hall...


Beadle Mervyn Bassett led members of the Company and consorts of other Livery Masters on a tour of Skinners’ Hall. He introduced us to the history – with its origins in 1272 (when a group of Skinners paid £13 for a room for their exclusive use) to the refurbishment and kitchen garden reconstruction in 1993.

The first Skinners’ Hall is mentioned in a deed dated 1295. The Hall developed over time, but was, like other Livery halls, destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666.  It was rapidly re-built.  Of course many alterations were made over the following centuries, until today.   It managed to escape much of the damage done by the 1944 bombings –the only damage revealed being the staircase we now see when we are drinking at receptions!


Mervyn showed the "caps and Cockerels' , explaining their use during installations; and shared the 
transformation from a Livery which traded furs to a Livery that manages seven schools...




Here he is showing the Old Court Room!











Needless to say, as with all good Livery events – food and wine was served!
































Mary Johnson, Mistress