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Liverymen – it’s in your interest to vote in the Sheriffs’ election...!

This year at Common Hall the election of the two Sheriffs is contested, so there is a real choice, and it’s particularly relevant to members of the WCoMC...


On 25th June Liverymen can vote for the people they consider best qualified to support the Lord Mayor and represent the City in 2018/19. This year the election of the two Sheriffs is contested, so you have a real choice, and it’s particularly relevant to members of the WCoMC.  The City’s businesses always need to sell their services into new markets but, as the full impact of Brexit takes effect, the need for well-honed business propositions and operations is more pressing than ever. Your profession has a big stake the continuing prosperity of London, whatever the politicians negotiate.

The role of each Sheriff is to support the Lord Mayor, to act as an ambassador for the City when required and to be a safe pair of hands to undertake any task that the Lord Mayor gives them.  The Livery Committee’s job description for the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff includes, “Knowledge, preferably combined with experience gained at a senior level, of the Business City” together with “A record of high professional achievement, preferably in a City financial or business related service”.

These qualities will never be more important than in 2018/19, during which the UK will leave the European Union.  The resulting changes are not yet clear;  uncertainty threatens the City’s position as the world’s premier financial and professional services centre.  But with those uncertainties come new and exciting opportunities. The City has a great track record of ‘seizing the day’ and I’m convinced we shall embrace change positively and with confidence.

Against this background the role of the Lord Mayor - as the spokesman for the City and as Ambassador for the UK financial and business services sector - will be critical.  The Sheriffs will need the in-depth knowledge and actual experience of the City identified by the Livery Committee, if they are to provide effective support to the Lord Mayor, and be able to respond wisely to unexpected events that will inevitably arise this year.  

Contested elections lie at the heart of a vibrant and effective democratic process. This will be the first contested Shrieval election since 2011. There are four candidates: Alderman Vincent Keaveny and three Liverymen, The Hon Elizabeth Green, Gwen Rhys and me. The candidates have published their Election Addresses setting out their experience and the reasons why they are standing.  All candidates have extensive Livery and charity credentials, but there are wide differences in their knowledge and experience of the City and its global financial and business interests. Those Election Addresses are available on each candidate’s campaign website.

Given the importance of this election to those who, like so many of you, work in or with the City, I urge every Liveryman to consider carefully the needs of the City at this particular time, inform yourself about the candidates, then attend Common Hall to hear the final speeches and exercise your right to vote on 25th June 2018.

Richard Fleck 

Candidate for Non-Aldermanic Sheriff: 

Common Hall 25th June 2018.