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The Mistress writes….

The Master came home and said “you’ll be cross with me!” Conversation continued for about 30 minutes, then I poured him a whisky.. Then I asked what I’d be cross about…  “I’ve signed up to abseil down the Cheesegrater”...


What could I say??????? 

’I’ll sponsor you for a small sum and increase my donation from the insurance!’

At short notice,  following a personal challenge from the Lord Mayor’s staff,  The Master said he’d abseil the Cheesegrater,  as the Lord Mayor himself had committed to do so.

So on Friday 14th September, Master David Johnson abseiled….

Up early – an 8.00am descent was planned – fortunately the weather was fine and the wind limited…  All seemed to go well… and the Master even wrote to his supporters afterwards….

Dear support team,

Thank you for all your contributions which enabled me to meet the commitment required by the Lord Mayor's Challenge.

87 individuals completed the Challenge on Friday, including Charles Bowman, The Lord Mayor.

I was able to share my experience with him on Friday evening when we met at a function - he commented that the absence of wind at 10.30 am had made it relatively easy, despite the height - I bow to his great experience but mentioned that two hours earlier it had been hurricane force...!

From the launch point I looked up to the adjacent 59 floor building under construction - a future challenge for one of my successors perhaps.

                                Stepping off the roof...


It was quite fun; I was able to look in on 47 floors of businesses early in their working day  - red chairs seem popular at the moment- but a lot were unoccupied...(full consulting report to follow!).

                                        Almost down!

I was also grateful to my ground support team - responsible for the pictures and a video- and buying a coffee afterwards.





Master and Mistress:

David and Mary Johnson