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The impact of the Company's Charitable activities...

Two examples of our successful grants...


It’s not always easy to see or share with everyone the impact of the Company’s charitable activities - whether as a result of our ProBono work, or the grants made by the Charitable Fund - or indeed a combination. Of course, our annual report gives an overview and the Charities Supper (sell-out this year!) allows those present to hear from several charity CEOs whom we have helped.

With this in mind, two of the charities with whom we work particularly closely, and support on a regular basis, have recently submitted impact reports to us. We thought all members of the Company would enjoy reading them. The reports can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

  • Sea Cadets: all Livery Companies support one or more forces' charities - in our case the London Area Sea Cadets - with regular and one off grants. We aim ours particularly to support those who cannot easily afford to be members of the cadet unit.  Our relationship with the Sea Cadets is long, complex and ongoing. Over the years the London Area has received £42,500 in grants and £41,000 in gala proceeds.  Total grants to Sea Cadets amount to £110,775 since 2003 with the main amount being £22,075 to support the construction of the new TS ROYALIST. You can read a full account of this long relationship in an article by PM Alan Broomhead on the Company website.  you can also read their most recent report on how they have benefited, in particular using our monies to support camps and sports kit.
  • Youth Business International [YBI]: for many years now, we have been providing independent quality assurance that members of the YBI network are operating effectively and appropriately - a business audit if you like. This work is a fundamental part of YBI's business model, particularly giving assurance to their major donors. Their report focuses on six accreditation visits that we made in 2018.

If you would like to know more about these two charities,  visit their websites at  and

How can you help?

Sometimes, members unfamiliar with the NonProfit Sector, are known to feel somewhat reticent about offering to become involved. However, as you will see, some of the people who undertook last year’s overseas accreditation assessments for Youth Business International were doing so for the first time. Do please ask them about their experience when next you see them.

If you feel able to put yourself forward and share in experiences that are both rewarding and much needed, we’d love to tell you more. PM Patrick Chapman and the ProBono Committee would be delighted to hear from you and discuss what’s involved. If your interest is in Youth Business International, please contact Third Warden Bob Harris.

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Past Master David Peregrine-Jones
Chair of Trustees, WCoMC Charitable Fund