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The Treasurer's exploits in Kenya and Uganda... Part Three...

Keeping fit in the weekends, while in Nairobi I did a DIY safari to a place called Hells Gate National Park, where I cycled (no fences) among zebras, giraffes and buffalo...


Kampala is a party town. On my first evening I was taken by some other volunteers to an outdoor restaurant with a great jazz band (Thursday evening at Fuego’s if you are passing this way).

By contrast I am staying at the guesthouse of a catholic theological college, which is one of the few quiet places in the city! Given the work I am doing with refugees, I had an interesting conversation at breakfast with a Ugandan priest whose parish is in Calabria in Southern Italy, where the volume of refugees is a big political issue. I can’t say that we reached a simple conclusion to our conversation, other than we must treat each refugee as a fellow human and not as an inconvenient statistic.

Chris’ blog from his Charity assignments in Kenya and Uganda, Jan / Feb 2019 – Part Three



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