Probably our last Virtual Wine Tasting... 14 May:  in Lille!
(Virtual) Education Lecture 19 May:  Unconscious Bias
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Volunteering for a month at an NGO (Charity) called Project Xavier, which focuses on supporting refugees...

Assistant Chris Sutton, Treasurer, arrives in Nairobi...



Chris’ blog from Kenya and Uganda, Jan / Feb 2019 – Part One:   Arriving into Nairobi last Thursday was less of a culture shock than some other visits to Africa. I set off just two days after a terrorist attack in Nairobi city centre. It makes me wonder how many visitors have misgivings about safety when they travel to London…. I am volunteering for a month at an NGO (Charity) called Project Xavier, which focuses on supporting refugees. I am here to help refugee organisations (CBOs – Community Based Organisations) to build up their accounting expertise. I am staying with a local family that works with Project Xavier, in their home in the suburbs. This street scenery might look familiar to residents of Paddock Wood in Kent. The difference is that there is a gate at the end of the street with a security guard, and most of these terraced houses have a secure gate before you can reach the front door. On the plus side, it’s a very friendly community, kids play freely in the street!

January/February 2019:   Chris Sutton's blog from Kenya and Uganda:  Week One...

Now at the half way point of my assignment in Kenya and Uganda - here is 
a follow-on from the blog I sent you all last week...  Your treasurer's exploits - Part 2