Members' Reception 17 Apr:  Guildhall, Members' Dining Room
MMIW #17  Valuing Networks 18 Apr:  Zoom Meeting — Nanette Young
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The WCoMC Music Interest Group...!

Chair Drewe Lacey dances off to other projects...



The ‘MIG’ has 36 members, and events are open to members and spouses/partners. Attendance has ranged from 10 to 24.

Drewe and Richard Stewart
on the floor at Home House
 after a Music Group event


 It was mooted in November 2013 by PMs Sankey, and Collis with a Civic Concert in mind.


I, as prospective Chair, resolved to find out what members wanted and to launch a programme based on members’ ideas and requirements.


Three events per annum covering classical instrumental, and choral, and jazz to be held on week days, with the option of a lunch or dinner, became the brief.


We adopted two other objectives: If possible to support Charities; possibly Music ones, and to provide information on music events both linked to the City, and London.

   Drewe and Felicity at
         Ronnie  Scotts

We have had much fun and some excitement, combining music, great food and wine - Ronnie Scotts, the Barbican, St John Smiths Square, Wigmore Hall, and London’s great Cathedrals – Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and St Pauls.


 We have supported the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, La Nuova Musica, and the Help Musicians’ Fund.


One of the events on our list this year was the Festival of St Cecilia – an annual event that has a rich history and has been run in partnership with Help Musicians UK for 72 years, providing a unique setting for the yearly gathering of three institutions and their choirs – St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral.

Post Music Group event, 
Elizabeth Consalvi et alia
        at Whites Club...

This year was a truly inspirational and festive celebration with an audience of 1400 at the service, who heard the premiere of “Anthem – To St Cecilia”, a specially created piece by the Queen’s Music Award winner, Thea Musgrave CBE.  We were also privileged to be joined on the day by Milos Karadaglic, Jane Asher, Anna Paola and Reverend Richard Coles.


Over £50,000 was raised from last year’s festival;  100% of those donations directly benefiting those musicians who need assistance from HMUK every year.


After way too much fun with the Music Interest Group,  I am resigning this year as Chair to devote myself to other projects.   I truly hope that the next Chair enjoys this Group as much as I have and we all will continue to do.


Assistant Drewe Lacey