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Are you investing enough in the future of your profession...?

... a very interesting observation made concerning the Lord Mayor Alderman's Master Certificate presentation ceremony...


‘You shall uphold the high standards expected of all who receive the Master Craftsman Certificate and be prepared to act in the capacity of mentor to those who are committed to pursuing a career in stonemasonry in order that they may benefit from the experience and example of your achievements’.

The Master Stonemason had just spoken those words.  I had heard them before.  Yet, it made such an impression that I remember the event like it was yesterday.  A wet Monday, just after 11am on March 11th.  Across the livery network that statement is called ‘the charge’.  Like on the previous occasion, I felt inspired.  Moved to do more for a profession, within a structure, that I’m still learning about.  I thought, am I doing enough to support those committed to pursuing a career in Management Consulting?  What might they need that we’re not already providing?  What might they need in the future?  This charge also reminded me of our admission pledge.  To my knowledge, no other body has public acknowledgment of its membership’s commitment to advancing a profession.

This year’s Master Certificate presentation ceremony, held at the Carpenter’s Hall, was a special one.  Awards were presented by Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor

                                               2019 Master Carver Award - Joiners and Ceilers

Alderman Peter Estlin, who throughout his livery career has been a continuous supporter of the development of skills, education and the promotion of technical standards.  It was also a joint event with the City and Guilds of London Institute.  Since its formation in 1878 the C&G have had a healthy relationship with the livery network.  In fact, wasn’t the C&G founded by the City of London Corporation and 16 Livery Companies; in recognition of the need for quality training following the boom in industry after the industrial revolution?  See, still learning.

Searching for answers as I write this, I notice something else that really puzzled me about the list of the scheme’s recipients.  See if you can see it too.  Prize recipients included the masons (30), plumbers (31), joiners (41), upholders (49), horners (54), spectacle makers (60), coachmakers (72), furniture makers (83), lightmongers (96) and constructors (99).

Do you see it?

Only 30% of modern liveries participated in the scheme this year!  As I understand it modern liveries are those formed after 1926, following nearly two centuries when no new companies were created.  And even so, at the ceremony there were no information technologists (100).  No international bankers (106).  No us (105).  How then are we carrying on the tradition of quality assurance and mastery?  As I said before, I’m still connecting all the dots.  Yet as an active member of a modern livery, there are desires to see our company recognised as a Great Modern during my lifetime.  To see our livery become the owner of a modern building.  To see wealth created by these bodies again.

So, how do we contribute to building the new?  Perhaps it’s by first asking questions?  Like what constitutes a master management consultant?  Are they our innovators and visionaries?  How do we set others onto the path to achieving what they have?  Given the fast pace of technological advancement, while the new Chartered Management Institute technical certification is still unfolding, (another boom?), should we wait on their solutions or should we be simultaneously developing some of our own?  Would exploring existing pan livery infrastructure result in the agility we require?  Does the infrastructure of LCSC Master Certificate Scheme provide an opportunity for forging a collaborative path with the MCI? 

As a modern livery member, I say YES.  What say you?




Rhonda Best, Freeman

[elected to the Management Committee of the Livery Companies Skills Council, July 2018]   

Rhonda A Best


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