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Elon Musk Wants To Set Up A Mars Colony? Think Back 400 Years!

...when a group of 102 people set out into the vast ocean for a land barely known...

The story of the Pilgrim Fathers is remarkable.  A group of 102 people set out into the vast ocean for a land barely known, and for a future, they were sure, that would demand a lot of hard work, perseverance and hardship to establish a new settlement for themselves. The quatro-anniversary is going to be celebrated big time – see below!

  The Mayflower was not large. The best estimates are that it was only    100 ft long (30 m) from the point of its projecting beakhead prow to    the aft-most point. It was about 25 feet (7.6m) at the beam and only    12ft (3.6m) from the waterline to the bottom of the keel. Its hull       could have fitted into Skinners’ Banqueting Hall!

  It had just three full length decks, the cargo hold, the gun deck and    the main deck, plus a cabin on the short poop deck. The gun deck     was where the passengers and most of the 30-strong crew resided   during the voyage, in a space measuring about 50 by 25 feet (15.2 m   by 7.6 m) with a five feet (1.5 m) ceiling.

The voyage of 66 days included a long period of stormy weather and even the experienced sailors must have needed great fortitude. 

The story of the voyage and the hardships, tribulations and disasters that this group of men, women and children had to confront at sea and ashore deserves huge admiration. 


September next year is the anniversary of the ship sailing from Plymouth. It will be the climax of a year of splendid events, activities and celebrations.  Most notable will be a commemorative voyage from Plymouth to the US with youngsters in the crew.

The top of the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth,
where the ship took on board its supplies
                       and passengers

Activities will highlight Plymouth and the main home towns and gathering points of the Pilgrims, with events taking place in London and elsewhere in the south.

Plans are afoot for marking the Pilgrims in Southwark, Rotherhithe (where many of them boarded Mayflower) and the City - some passengers worshipped in the Dutch Church; planning the venture took place in Heneage House (now Bevis Marks Synagogue); the Merchant Adventurers provided the key funding and some Livery Companies were involved.  Other events are in prospect.  See   for information!


There will be over a year’s worth of activities. These will include

  • a drama and arts event in Southwark and Rotherhithe
  • “Thames Alive” - participation in the Great River Race on the Thames in London in September this year.
  • A three day Mayflower Maritime Festival on the waterfront in Southampton, where Mayflower and its planned fellow voyager Speedwell docked en route to Plymouth. There will be the opportunity to go on board Tenacious, the Tall Ship equipped to take disabled people of all ages to sea.
  • The biggest event – the Mayflower Muster – is a three day festival in Plymouth running 18-20 September 2020. 

Let’s Get Involved!

If you are interested in giving time to any of the events, such as the Southwark one, Southampton, Dartmouth (another port of call) or Plymouth, contact me on and let’s see what we can do!







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30 March 2019