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WCoMC Cass Development Group

Working together to become more executive-focused

Cass Business School has asked WCoMC to work with them to help change some of the focus of the school to become ‘more executive-focused’ by involving us in informal debate and development.  This will better use a combination of  the wide experiences of WCoMC members and the high-quality research output of Cass.

We see as this as very positive for both WCoMC and Cass as it extends our networking into areas of better thought leadership for praxis and so into public profile-raising for members.  We want this development process to help our drive to increase the WCoMC membership, demonstrate added value from membership.  It will be measured against our developing success criteria.

The work group consists from the WCoMC side of Past Master Bob Garratt, First Warden Ed Sankey, Second Warden  Patrick Chapman, Third Warden David Peregrine-Jones, and Liz Walker; and from the Cass side Professor Cliff Oswick, Head of the Management School and Assistant Dean and Alex Fraser, the COO.  The discussions are non-contractual and non-exclusive.  The atmosphere of the first two sessions have been highly co-operative and creative.  Under the new Dean, Steve Haberman, Cass is undergoing a major rethink and building its high-quality Research Centres, along with the merger of Cass Consulting and Cass Executive Education.  It is also building on its new Organisational Behaviour and CSR Professors to create a new integrated group, ETHOS, which will take the triple bottom line reporting agenda forward.

WCoMC has asked the following members to co-ordinate the information flows, and to report regularly on the Cass activities as follows:

Centre for Corporate Responsibility / ETHOS

Bob Garratt

Centre for Charity Effectiveness

Patrick Chapman

Centre for Corporate Governance

Chizu Nakajima and Bob Garratt

Centre for Leadership


Peter Cullum Entrepreneurship Centre / Incubator space


Proposed Research Group in Management Consultancy

Calvert Markham

Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care

David Peregrine-Jones

Meanwhile Ed Sankey and the WCoMC Trustees are having a major rethink on its way forward – ‘The Next Big Thing’ - and although it will be hard to follow our success with CCE and KnowHowNonProfit they are determined to do so, possibly around the management of Philanthropy.


Bob Garratt

15 May 2013