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A night in Soho with PM Patrick McHugh

Tom McHugh, PM Patrick McHugh’s son, in a hilarious night out in Soho for the newly-formed WCoMC Theatre Group

Almost by accident a WCoMC theatre-going group was formed, as word got around that PM Patrick McHugh’s actor son had moved into the West End, with a play that had been a smash hit at the Edinburgh festival. Credentials enough, but this play was a spoof on management consultants – their jargon and their mechanisms and procedures.   [Photo:  Tom McHugh seated on the left]   

Within minutes we were laughing immoderately. Written by the acclaimed Lars von Trier, The Boss Of It All is a uniquely mad - but plausible - idea for a plot.  It tests to the limit the ability of the actors to deliver the deliciously witty script, and to portray that tension that exists when nobody has quite all of the required information, and there is a need to elicit the missing bits, while still maintaining the dignity of The Expert. 

Tom McHugh is a rising star.  Fresh from playing the young Alfred Hitchcock in New York, he took on two entirely dissimilar parts, and had absolute credibility in both of them.  He has a swashbuckling style.

Is he like his Dad?  Yes.  And, No.   Handsome, of course… One wouldn’t pick him out immediately through family facial bone structure, but there were unmistakable flashes throughout of the McHugh characteristics and mannerisms.  We were proud of him.

Having met in the Soho Theatre café at the outset for an ice cool lemonade beforehand, some of us then gathered for a debrief afterward at a roomy pub a few doors down – thirsty and hungry.

It was a great evening.  We will do more.  Certainly we will follow the upward trajectory of Tom McHugh, and will let you know when and where he next reappears.

Any theatre ideas, let the Editor have them at    The Events Diary will also be a good mechanism for this information.

         The Dad




PM Patrick McHugh