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ProBono Update

Developing our Opportunities

The Pro Bono Committee provides oversight of our pro bono consulting and mentoring work by identifying and qualifying opportunities that arise from charities that directly contact the Company or via third party channels, such as Impetus and SIB. To assist in the process of tracking opportunities, the resources allocated to them and the outcomes from the work undertaken, we have just implemented a new web-based contact and membership system linked to our new website. Much effort has been deployed in the last few months in transferring data from our old spreadsheet and database systems, and ironing out teething problems with the new system. However, the new system now appears to be working as planned and interestingly we have begun to receive direct applications from clients via the website using our new web-based application form.


Whilst continuing to develop our relationships with our third party channels and to service opportunities that arise through them (such as the 4 accreditations we will be undertaking for YBI this year), the Committee has been active in the last few weeks qualifying and resourcing opportunities in a number of clients such as: CORAM, a charity aimed at creating better chances for children, helping them develop a robust business model; ASCEND, a community charity supporting locally unemployed, helping them develop a sustainable growth plan; Volunteer Centre in Kensington and Chelsea, who promote volunteering, helping them with a strategic review; OCD Action, a new charity, whose CEO has asked for mentoring support.

John Corneille