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The Professional Network

Get Connected!

When the guilds, then livery companies, were set up in the Middle Ages their primary aim was to manage what were effectively closed shops as well as training apprentices and looking after members who had fallen on hard times. When re-invented by the Victorians, the original reason was pushed gently to one side and thus the livery is now largely focused on educational and charitable activities.

Paradoxically it is the older and well established companies, many of whose freemen and liverymen have little connection with the original trade or craft, who now frown upon the livery being used to promote and develop business, quietly forgetting their own origins.

It is said that in the development of a livery company the first 100 years are the hardest and as a modern company we still have some tough years ahead. As a closed company, most of our members still have a very strong, often active connection with the profession, and many of us still need to generate more business.

Clearly the Company is an ideal focus for developing a strong network within the profession and yet it is discouraged by the City grandees. So the Professional Network, (aka Talk Shop) operates discretely just outside the City limits with the sole intention of providing a forum in which members of the company can openly and unashamedly talk about issues related to management consultancy, network with each other and if possible develop business together.

Although the regular attendees are drawn from a band of about 40 members, ‘The Faithful’, all the evenings are open to everyone within the Company. New members are invited to come and introduce themselves and many join the faithful. Guests are welcome and this is a good way for prospective members to meet the Company.

The Professional Network meets in the Cheshire Cheese, just off Fleet Street, 5 times a year with a Thanksgiving/early Christmas party at the end of November. The formal part of the proceedings are typically 2 members introducing themselves and their current business for 5 minutes followed by questions, then after a short break, a longer 15 minute talk. Whilst structured, the evenings are deliberately informal and often continue long after the formal hours of six ‘til 8 o’clock. The drinks are reasonably priced and there are good bar meals available.

The next meeting will be on 11th July so come along and find out about it for yourself. You are assured of a warm welcome as long as you are wearing your Company name badge.

Gia Campari