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WCoMC Liveryman, Colonel Simon Chapman, sitting on top of drums practise

An Unusual Gift

WCoMC recently made an unusual gift: a set of drums. They were given to South West London Army Cadet Force, currently commanded by one of our liverymen, Colonel Simon Chapman..

The Army Cadet Force provides young people with the self-discipline, attitudes and personal skills to succeed in adult life.  It achieves this by creating an environment of military discipline and delivering progressive and challenging training.

Music is a proven method of creating a military environment and Simon turned to the Company when starting a Corps of Drums shortly after his posting last February.  

It may surprise Members to learn that, although sponsored by the MoD, the ACF relies heavily on charitable donations for equipment and travel opportunities.

Although some have already played as part of other bands, many of the cadets don’t have the opportunity to learn music in their schools, and drumming has become extremely popular since it was made available.  

The importance of the Company’s gift is that ACF could buy new, top quality drums for public performances, instead of the second hand drums with which they usually practise.  

One evening a week and at weekends the cadets practise bugling and drumming.   It is indeed most fortunate that the Colonel’s office is on top of the practising arena.  That steady rhythmic beat is great for concentrating the mind!.   
Like all new military drums, the Company’s drums (complete with brass plaque to acknowledge their origin) will be blessed. The cadets look forward to thanking The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants in person on that occasion.


Colonel Simon Chapman