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Fire control from the Ivory Tower

Tell those fire control chappies to tone down those alarmist reports...


Scene: Basement of the IvoryTower Inc, downtown Bilgewater Wharf

Fire Cadet ToTo:   “Mr Dorothy!, Mr Dorothy!, The fuel tanks just exploded and the walls are melting, call 999 and grab a bucket!!!”

Fire Chief Dorothy: “Don’t panic Fire Cadet ToTo, I’ll update the RAID log, flag our condition as Amber and detail that we have identified a new risk and have agreed a mitigation action. Secondly I’ll send a stiff message to supplies reminding them that we still have not received the right colour buckets.

Meanwhile on the 14th Floor in the PMO office:

“Bloody Fire Control chappies”, again with the alarmist reports, I’ll tell them to tone it down and be more succinct and positive, we cannot report this sort of un-necessary detail to the Board, they have far more weighty matters to consider, I’ll just include the highlights”

“By the way can you smell something?”

In the Board Room, 28th Floor, just after second round of coffee and chocolate biscuits

Chairman: “Damn fine Programme Report Smithers, look it’s starting to snow, the orange glow from the street below makes everything look so ….rosy. But never mind, nice and toasty in here this evening, did someone turn up the heating?”


Reality in a thimblefull of words....


David McComie