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The Energy to Transform Lives

The Lord Mayor's message - continuing with the theme of The City in Society, but reflecting her long association with the City as an energy lawyer, specialising in global electricity industry reforms

I am honoured to be promoting the City of London this year as the 686th Lord Mayor (and only the second woman since 1189). I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received from the Livery and am looking forward to seeing you all in the coming year.

The Reference to Energy

I shall be continuing with the theme of The City in Society but my focus will be on “The Energy to Transform Lives”, which reflects my long association with the City as an energy lawyer specialising in global electricity industry reforms at CMS Cameron McKenna to bring cheaper and cleaner energy to more people. The title refers to my conviction that the City of London has the energy and talent for innovation necessary to serve the needs of society and the environment at a time that I call the “new normal”. All of my mayoral programmes are based on three themes which I feel are critical to our resource-constrained society: sustainability, diversity and charity. I hope that within these mayoral programmes there will be something of interest for everyone. If I have a single objective, it would be inclusiveness and Liverymen have so much to bring to the party.

Tomorrow’s City

“Tomorrow’s City” is a programme of events and dialogue which focuses on how the City can best ensure its future success as a “city of cities” and a “city for cities” by enabling long-term value creation for an increasing urban population that is conscious of the environment more than ever before. Through a series of evening and breakfast events, Tomorrow’s City focuses on a number of topics including regulation for the long term, infrastructure and energy, integrated reporting of financial, social and environmental outcomes, sustainable urban development, taxation and the attraction of investment in the UK.

Charity Leadership and Social Investment

My husband Nicholas, past Master of the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers (2009/10), is heading The Lord Mayor’s Charity Leadership Programme, shining a light on charity chairmen and how they can be better supported. The programme, a first of its kind, starts with two lectures, one by William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission and the other by Sir Ronald Cohen, the founding-Chairman of Big Society Capital and a champion of social investment. There will be a one-day conference to connect leaders from the City with charities to gain better understanding of the non-profit sector and how they, as business leaders, can support it. The programme also supports existing Chairs in their own development and in recruiting and leading effective boards.

Diversity and Inclusion

Now more than ever the City depends upon being able to draw the best talent from an increasingly diverse and inclusive pool for the innovation that society now needs.  I have put together a programme of breakfast seminars and two large conferences, titled “The Power of Diversity”, to highlight and discuss the critical steps that businesses must take to maximise the energy that diversity can bring to business. All proceeds from the programme will go to The Lord Mayor’s Appeal 2014.

A New Approach to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal

We have abolished the “shut down and start up from scratch approach” to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal by the creation of a permanent charity to provide a long-running platform for the Appeal. This will enable us to accept contributions in cash and in kind over more than one year and to promote giving to a wider audience. It also enables us to support smaller charities, particularly those that punch above the weight that their size might imply in terms of their impact and outcomes, and that is exactly my plan!

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal 2014 is supporting four community-based charities that all have “the energy to transform lives”:

  • Beating Bowel Cancer greatly improves awareness and early diagnosis of  the second biggest and yet highly treatable cancer killer and works to support all those affected by it;
  • Princess Alice Hospice is developing a new model of hospice care to enable more people to be reached and supported in their own homes;
  • Working Chance is a charity which places women ex-offenders into jobs with quality employers, enabling them and their children to cross the social divide from exclusion to contribution; and
  • Raleigh International provides young people from underprivileged backgrounds with life changing experiences that contribute to their own personal growth and the development of communities in need around the world.

Fundraising is at the heart of the Appeal programme but there is also a strong commitment to mentoring, helping to raise the profiles of these charities and opening up new sources of funding for the future.

How You Can Help

We are always open to offers of help, so please contact my Lord Mayor’s Appeal team on 020 7332 1582 if you would like to be involved. There are lots of fun and affordable events and we are determined to reach a wider audience!

Fun for the Livery

  • Join me for my Lord Mayor’s Christmas Party on the evening of 10th December 2013 where the mediaeval Guildhall crypts will be transformed into a magical Christmas Wonderland .There will be carol singers, magicians, music, tombola, a casino and Christmas market.
  • For the first time the Appeal is holding a Lord Mayor’s Appeal Day on 16th May 2014 which I hope will engage City workers and all of the Livery Companies in widespread fun for my four very worthy charities.
  • Enter a Livery Company football team for a day of football fun on 13th June 2014 in Guildhall Yard. Show off your football skills and beat your rivals all the way to the trophy.
  • Join me for this special concert on the theme of “Strong Women” by world-famous soprano Nelly Miricioiu, the starry mezzo Nino Surguladze and the Chelsea Opera Group. The performance will be conducted by Gianluca Marcianó. It will be preceded and followed by food and wine in the Guildhall Old Library.
  • The Lord Mayor’s Ball in the Guildhall on 21st October 2014 will be a unique opportunity for all of the Livery Companies to come together under one roof for a glamorous evening of food and dancing.

I hope you will join me on what are guaranteed to be memorable occasions!

Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of London


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