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The New Clerk charts the way forward...

Adele sees the Company becoming involved as much as possible in City affairs

I am honoured to have been elected as your Clerk and will do my best to serve.  I am very conscious that I have a hard act to follow in Leslie, a long-standing member who knows exactly how things are done.

 I am passionate about the Livery and the City and hope that my experience on the Courts and with four other liveries, as well as other City organisations, will assist the company in using the best practice of each.   That is not to say that I won't also be passing on some things to the others which they could learn from the Management Consultants. 

The new role is only part-time and although we have an absolute godsend in having Jackie in the office, we need to streamline our procedures to be more efficient and cope with the volumes, whilst remaining friendly and approachable at all times.   This means planning things well in advance and keeping to deadlines.   Sounds funny saying that to management consultants, but I guess it is the cobblers' children having holes in their shoes syndrome!  

 I would like to see us looking out a bit more rather than internalising and to be as involved as possible in other City affairs.  Examples so far are  the IPM attending a City breakfast prior to the election of the Lord Mayor, the current Master to the silent ceremony, presentation of addresses and church service and the whole company were invited to the Festival of St Cecilia service organised by the musicians company - albeit at a lot shorter notice than I would hope for the future.   I am thrilled that there are 22 people attending which will be one of the larger contingents.  St Cecilia incidentally was a lady who got married and immediately before the marriage was consummated received a calling, which meant she dedicated herself only to the Lord. I always thought they should have made her husband the saint and not her, but I digress. 

I will aim to introduce all Liverymen and Freemen to the other things they can do and there are examples elsewhere already in this newsletter of this. 

Please bear with me and be patient whilst I find my feet and get things the way I want to deal with them, but feel free to ask me or suggest to me anything you consider will help you or the Company.

With the new regime we are very keen to encourage more members to join us, so do think of anyone who might be interested and if there is anything I can do to help persuade them, do let me know.

Adèle Thorpe


The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants

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