ProBono Workshop 21 Mar:  NonProfit Sector: Viability & Sustainability
United Guilds Service & Lunch 24 Mar:  St Paul's Cathedral & Guildhall
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The Members' Wine Wanderings Blog

Liverymen uncorked...


The Company’s website now has a new Wine Blog which covers the vinaceous wine wanderings of its author PM Patrick McHugh. The Wine Blog is private to the WCoMC to inform members of club and member activities, as well as enhancing the communication and culture of the Company; it includes:

  • News and views from the WCoMC Wine Club with details of its activities and tastings.
  • Recommendations and offers to members of the Wine Club.
  • Tasting notes from the WCoMC Wine Committee and reports on wines selected for Company events.
  • Reviews of wines served at Company events.

If you are interested in joining the Wine Club, and you are a Liveryman,  please contact the Chairman PM William Barnard

If you are a member and logged in, please follow this link to the blog.

Patrick McHugh