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How many ways do you like your golf?

Sole individual?  Team with own Livery?  Cross-Livery Competition?  etc.  etc.

WCoMC Extreme Sports specialist scatters a panoply of colourful options..... 

For those among us who enjoy a walk in the countryside, golf may be a good walk spoiled. However, the Livery offers those who like the game several opportunities to compete either individually or, perhaps, as a Company.

For example, the Marketors are holding their 7th extremely popular Verulam Livery Fellowship golf event on 7th and 8th July at Verulam Golf Club and would still welcome a team of four from us on either day. Similarly, the Fuellers have organised a day out at Windlesham on 9th September.  There are lots of other events throughout the year for us to join in should we so wish...

Not everyone who enjoys the game is a regular golfer (or even sports a handicap) but we do still enjoy a day together going round a course. We have therefore decided to propose a day out on a Thursday later in July, for members and their guests at Coombe Wood (which is near Kingston and easily reached by car or train). If you would like to participate, please let David Peregrine-Jones , the Second Warden, know and he will provide you with more details. If we have a good turn-out we might even consider entering next year’s Verulam!


David  Peregrine-Jones

Second Warden