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An informal appreciation lunch for John McLean Fox

Founder member of the Guild of Management Consultants and major supporter of WCoMC and its objectives

Following discussions with John McLean Fox, it was realized that because of health problems, John was unable to attend evening meetings of the Company. It was decided to hold a special lunch for John. The idea for the lunch stemmed from a message by Clerk Adèle Thorpe, advising us of a Monday Luncheon Club at Ironmongers’ Hall, the Tenth Livery Company of the Great Twelve.

Formal support for the venture was received from the Master and invitations were sent to selected Liverymen that John had known for many years.

John was a Founder Member of the Guild of Management Consultants when it was formed in 1992. From the beginning he was a staunch supporter of its charitable, educational and social endeavours, helping to nurture the new Guild, seeing it grow to a Company and then being one of the first to be clothed when the Company was granted Livery in 2004.

He was active at an early stage in developing the Company’s renowned Pro Bono Consulting and Mentoring activities. John went on to make a further major contribution on the charitable front, becoming a principal player in the establishment of the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School. It is fair to say that, without John’s sustained and devoted efforts, the Company would not now have the excellent relationship with Cass that we have developed and enjoyed for nearly ten years. He was a Member of the Court of Assistants from 1994 to 2004, and Chairman of the Charities Committee from 1996 to 2004.

The onset of ill-health has meant that, for some years, John has been denied the enjoyment of the participation in Company affairs that had formerly given him great pleasure and satisfaction. Happily, his indomitable spirit and deep religious faith have enabled him to surmount his reserves and to recover to a state of comparatively good health.

But his many friends in the Company have missed his presence, and have sought means to remedy their deprivation. They have therefore arranged this occasion as a suitable opportunity to celebrate their high regard for this esteemed and greatly loved Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants.

Just before the lunch started, I entered the elegant room and saw a long table, beautifully set, for our 27 guests. Perfect!

John arrived, quickly followed by his guests, and the party started. There was joy and laughter around the room, as Liverymen who hadn’t met each other for some time, enjoyed this special occasion. The wine and banter flowed. The delicious food and service provided by Ironmongers’ was excellent and very good value. There was a great buzz – and everything was going to plan.

Between each of the three courses, appreciations were offered to John, by the Master, Past Master and Father of the Livery Calvert Markham, Past Master Sir George Cox and by Past Master Mary Collis. John responded, showing his pleasure at receiving such an honour and being able to meet old friends again. He received a memento to record this special event.

Those attending the Lunch, included our Honoured Guest John, together with the Master, eight Past Masters, two Wardens, three Assistants, ten Liverymen, one Freeman, one Clerk and one Former Clerk.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and numerous messages of thanks have been received. One message from a Past Master closed by saying: “Apologies for the length of this e-mail but I haven’t enjoyed a Company event so much for a very long time. Renewed Congratulations.” Praise indeed!

A welcoming message was received from the General Manager of Ironmongers’, inviting us to return soon to their venue.

I understand that the Company is considering using our experience on future events.


Gordon Stoker

My special thanks to the Clerk, Adèle Thorpe and her Assistant, Jackie Johnson, for their invaluable help in the preparation of a memento Menu Card and their back-up liaison with the Ironmongers' Clerk.