Informal Drinks in the City 21 May:  Meet with us at the Golden Fleece
CMCE Virtual Workshop (3rd of 5) 23 May:  Next Gen2.0: Risky Business
Education Supper at Bakers' Hall 19 June:  AI's Role in Higher Education
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NL January 2017


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company; we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Liveryman Charlotte Sweeney was awarded an OBE in the New Year's Honours List!

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Issue36:  Jan 2017


Your Master's Voice....

The Shop Talk continues to be an important and informal networking activity for members , who want to "talk shop". Speakers this year will all focus on issues that are relevant to the management consultancy profession now and in the future.  A new venue is The Counting House, 50 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3PD,  near bank Tube.

Please make a note of the dates.  I look forward to seeing you.....

Tuesday 28th March - Martin Blackburn Head of People at KPMG UK:  The people challenges facing professional service firms over the next 5 years"

Tuesday 27th June - Anthony Philips MD Welkom International

" Wellness the next competitive edge in the modern war for talent"

This contribution will focus on how companies are beginning to look at wellness as a part of their overall organisational development strategy to maintain and increase their competitiveness

Thursday 28th September - Richard Stewart MD Mindbench: "Annual Survey of the MC industry, key trends and opportunities "

Tuesday 28th November Dr. Anne-Lise Goddings: “Change in Mind” . Dr. Goddings will talk about the neurology of the brain and what current research on the brain structure and consciousness teach us about how people manage and mismanage organisational change.

Banquet at Mansion House:  25th April 2017:  Please also save the date for our first ever white tie Banquet at the Mansion House. We are expecting to be joined by the Lord Mayor Dr. Andrew Parmley and Sheriffs.

Noorzaman Rashid, Master


The picture for global trade in 2017 is uncertain and likely to be dominated by the Politics of trade rather than the Economics....  Liveryman and Economist, Rebecca Harding, provides a January 2017 Trade Outlook.... 

A "Serial" Master.... A former Master Haberdasher and Past Master of the Management Consultants,

Mike Jeans was installed as Master Chartered Accountant in Haberdashers; Hall on 12th October 2016....

After the excesses of Xmas, these HomeTrapeze exercises are simple, and extremely effective....  Liveryman Gia Campari swears by these....        

Another page in the diary of our Visitor from Space [1st Episode in October '16 Newsletter] 

After careful observation, I have decided to adopt the form of species with 4 limbs and a 5th at the rear of its body, which moves continuously....  Liveryman Jeff Cant reports....

An invitation came to Freeman Martina Platts for a voluntary position to teach at a remote rural farm school in the Free State of South Africa....

After 30 years of management with C&L, PWC and IBM - "How hard could it be?" we thought...  

PM Patrick Chapman chairs the Ealing Music & Film Festival, now in its fifth year. World Class concerts and films - all to support young Ealing performers ....

Even before I entered the world of work I wanted to retire....  Now, with another three seasons of Breaking Bad to get through...  Freeman Don Leslie outlines his Strategy....

Our Livery Company is a key partner in a programme aimed at improving governance in the charity sector throughout the country.  More than 19,000 charity trustees - drawn from the 900,000 charity trustees in England and Wales were surveyed..... Liveryman Bob Harris reports....

The High Court considers the duty of accountants to disclose to one client confidential information relating to another.....  First Warden, David Johnson, submits for scrutiny a case recorded on 13 December 2016....  


SAVE this DATE...!!   Banquet at Mansion House, 25th April 2017 
Please save the date for our first ever white tie Banquet at the Mansion House.We are expecting to be joined by the Lord Mayor Dr. Andrew Parmley and Sheriffs.
New Business Blockbuster !  On 1st October 2016, seven WCoMC members launched a book entitled “99 Essential Business Questions”. The Authors are Gia Campari, David Glassman, Michael Jeans, Patrick McHugh, David Peregrine-Jones, David Shannon, Benjamin TaylorThis book will make a serious impact on the business market. The book can be purchased through  -
Livery briefing: The Livery Committee provides a bi-monthly briefing and diary of City Events. We track these on our website -see the City Pages: click here to view and follow through to the briefings and other publications, including the new City Values Forum guide: "Governing Culture"

In the Spotlight with Radio 4 presenter, Martha Kearney, at The Old Bailey, on Wednesday 8 February 2017 at 6:30-9pm. The renowned presenter will be interviewing 4 A List celebrities, including Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory.  Drinks and canapes to follow.  Proceeds donated to The Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund.  Details from secretary@srfundnet

City Walks and Talks: Venue: St Bride Foundation, Bride Lane - off Fleet St, London EC4Y 8EQ. There is step free access via Salisbury Court - off Fleet St.  Dates:  Thursdays 2nd; 9th;16th; and 23rd March.  Time:  6:30 - 8pm.  Cost: £10 per talk or £36 for the series of 4 talks. 

New Members Reception, Thursday 9th March at Guildhall: 

Monday - Wedesday, 13th--15th March. No.1 Court, Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) Warwick Square, London EC4 7BS:  Choice of 3 performances.- featuring a star-studded case from the Bar and the Judiciary...  6:15 pm drinks reception Great Hall; 7:00pm performance in No.1 Court; 8:30pm conclusion. Tickets: £60, or £50 for two or more. Register interest at
Gala Concert by the LondonSymphony Orchestra at St Paul's Cathedral - Tuesday 14th March at 7 pm:  with the Choir of St Paul's Cathedral and a historic performance of the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony, played by the Rt Hon The Lord Mayor, Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley: Parry - I was glad; Allegri - Miserere; Walton - Coronation Te Deum;  Saint-Saens - Organ Symphony. To book or for further info, contact: or call 020 7382 2552
Brigantes - City of London - Liverymen in the North. For information on Tues 5th April Brigantes Golf Day [see  Contact for 2017 Brigantes Programme 

Management Consultants take control of the 2017 client workplace….

  • · Find out where your client shops and buy exactly the same outfits. Always wear them one day after the client does. (This is especially effective if your client is of a different gender identity).

  • · Drop meaningless and confusing "management-speak" into conversations such as: "What's the margin, Marvin?" "When's this turkey going to get basted?" "If we don't get this brook babbling we're all going to end up looking like doe-eyed beavers."

  • · Make up silly nicknames for all your coworkers and refer to them only by these names. “That’s a good point, Sparky.” “No I’m sorry I’m going to have to disagree with you there, Choo-choo.”

  • · Send emails to the rest of the company telling them what you’re doing. For example “If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the bathroom.”

  • · Put up mosquito netting around your cubicle.

  • · While riding a lift, gasp dramatically every time the doors open.

  • · Encourage your colleagues to join you in a little synchronized chair dancing.

  • · Put your rubbish bin on your desk. Label it “IN.”

  • · Develop an unnatural fear of staplers.

  • · As much as possible, skip rather than walk.

  • · At meetings around the conference table, bend momentarily under the table and then emerge wearing contact lenses that white-out your eyes.

  • · Use a large hunting knife to point at your visual aids.

  • · Put decaf in the coffeemaker for 3 weeks. After everyone has got over their caffeine addictions, suddenly switch to espresso.

  • · Leave long pauses in your speech at random moments. When someone is prompted to interject shout "I AM NOT FINISHED."

Note:  Using the "Recent News" tab will bring you to ALL the articles submitted by Members to past newsletters....  use them to find other Members who share your interests and to make connections....! 

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