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NL July/August 2014


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company;  we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Anastasia and Alexandra


Opera at Fidenza

Gia and Laura in duet

Ian in Macbeth

America: Ian, Richard & David

Nabucco: Richard & Elizabeth

La Traviata: David, Ian & Richard as Matadors


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Issue 12:  Jul/Aug 2014


Wimbledon 2014 - champagne flowing - Logistics experts struggle to deliver enough strawberries and prawn sandwiches...    Tense report from Markham Hill ....


"You can live tumblr blog from just about anywhere"  yodels Freeman Simon Davey, suspended perilously above the City....      


A Night in Soho with PM Patrick McHugh  WCoMC Theatre Group hits the West End...


Reflections on Adam and Eve -  amidst allegations of poor serpent behaviour, Liveryman Jeff Cant strays into a whole new area of human weakness...


WCoMC's Extraordinary Professor in Poland, acquiring the Polish most valued quality of "serdecznosc".   Liveryman Karol Szlichcinski also developing a taste for medieval formality and titles...



Alexandra Sofia Victoria  was born to Assistant Anastasia Kourovskaia  at 5:21 on the 7th of June 2014, measuring 56cm and weighing 3.68kg.

After several false starts, both mother and daughter were finally discharged from the St Thomas Hospital and are both doing very well.

Anastasia is immensely enjoying her young daughter and both ladies are out and about making the most of the wonderful summer.


NOTE re Fidenza Opera - key people on holiday, so no text yet into which we can plant larger photos.  We'll catch up!




WCoMC Office is closed for a holiday period. Owing to staff holidays, the Office willl be closed between 16 August and 1 September 

The Sherlock Holmes Society hosts a special event at the Langham Hotel on 30th August!  What's so special about the 30th August? It marks the 125th anniversary of the occasion J.M. Stoddart, the editor of Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, hosted Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde at dinner at the Langham Hotel. The result of this significant meeting was two commissions from Stoddart which led to Wilde penning The Picture of Dorian Gray and, from Doyle, The Sign of The Four. There is to be a special dinner at the same Langham Hotel on 30th August to celebrate this significant anniversary. More space is now available, so Join Father of the Livery, Calvert Markham there! Take a look at the Sherlock Holmes Society's information at

Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd  MP, personally compliments WCoMC for the Company's contribution to the voluntary and community sector through our pro bono work. Has requested that the Pro Bono Committee work directly with his officials to help the Ministry with some of the challenges they are facing.     See Nick Hurd's letter...

Master Mentors (refer June newsletter):  An  inaugural meeting of WCoMC 'Master' mentors was held at Plaisterers Hall on 31st July; Some  WCoMC mentoring 'USP's were considered & agreed.

Of the fifteen prospective partners, those present agreed to liaise with the Bakers,Spectacle Makers,Merchant Taylors,Coachmakers,Blacksmiths & Wheelwrights, 

A follow up meeting will be held in early September to progress the ideas and to extend the range of links to further Livery Companies.  If you would like to be kept informed please email   David Johnson at

City of London Corporation makes special mention of WCoMC,  as demonstrating how the Modern Livery Companies reflect and represent today's commerce in the city!

The Sheriffs are always grateful for any assistance towards the cost of their badges. These come at several thousands of pounds each.  Anyone who felt able to contribute - say, £40-£50 - would have their name calligraphed in a book of contributors.  Other benefits would probably include an invitation to a chain presentation drinks event, which would be attended by senior representatives of the City. Anyone wishing to contribute to the two Sheriffs best known to the Company - Fiona Adler and Andrew Parmley - could contact the Clerk's office for a form.

The new Company tie is a smash hit with those Members with a sense of style and flair!  The cost is £25 for collection at the office, or £28 if you want it to be posted to you.   This is what it looks like...

This newsletter is produced by the WCoMC Communications Group.  Please let us know if you have any items to include in relation to any topics that come to mind!  The opinions expressed in this newsletter represent those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Company. WCoMC is a Chartered Charity (Privy Council Reference C877) and a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter (Company No. RC000819).