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NL July/August 2015


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company;  we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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New Freemen

David Pearl

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New Liverymen

Kanan Barot

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Wardens' Quaich

Benjamin Taylor's hard work as Education Committee Chair was recognised at the Education Supper



Father of the Livery, Calvert Markham, with his new grandson Christopher


Other Dangerous Company Activities

The WComC GoKarting Team
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Issue 22:  July/August 2015






From the Coal Face (preface by The Master):  this is virtually my last chance to write to you as Master. Suddenly, with the thought that we are now in August, my "de-installation", as the Mistress Farmer recently described the Master's year-end, is becoming a reality for me ... ...

I will set out in the Annual Report my "review of the year", but we are not there yet, so for the moment I want to draw your attention please to:

  • The GoKarting: I have written it up with a load of pictures (thanks to Ann) in the City Blog, but click on this shortcut link if you want to avoid the preamble (although if you have never looked at the articles I have put on the blog, I think you are missing something!  You will also see that Elizabeth has also made mention of this event under the last picture to the left.
  • The Education Supper: it seems an absolute age, actually only a couple of months, since we assembled on HQS Wellington to welcome new members to the Company and enjoy a pretty provocative presentation from Ed Straw. Mark Fox took some excellent pictures as a memory of the evening and I have written a few words to accompany them. Click on this link to go to the Education pages of our website and the Education Supper report.
  • The Celebration Dinner: and lastly, a reminder of our most recent "Great Event", my 'swan song' as Master. Over a 100 of us, including our guests, had a wonderful evening at Armoury House, the headquarters of the Honourable Artillery Company. Under the watchful eyes of the Pikemen and Musketeers, we welcomed two new Freemen and clothed four Liverymen. Then, in the company of the Sea Cadets Band, we received our guests and sat down to dinner, with four guest speakers reflecting on our work and impact within the Livery. A fabulous evening - even if I say it myself....  Go to the City Blog or click here for more details and pictures - again with thanks to Mark Fox.

​Have a great summer break.  Patrick.


Wimbledon 2015:  How did the Brit Pack perform?  And what hopes for the future?

 The One-Two... Crunch!  straight from Markham Hill.... 


Greek GroundHog Day....

Economist and Liveryman Dr Rebecca Harding provides a chilling update....


So why use 140 characters when 2000 words will do?  Dr Simon takes the unlucky 13 Social Media fears and prescribes his antidote....

The ground rules are.... 


Perspectives, challenges, and modern technology... the Education Committee meets revolutionary constitutionalism and systems perspectives....

Liveryman Benjamin Taylor shuttles between hotel rooms in Romania to produce the live spectacle of Ed Straw's controversial speech....


Dangerous games at the summer "Shoptalk"....

Liveryman Karen Smith demonstrates a 14th Century pastime, and company members shatter glass in imitation.... 


Baroque by candlelight... at Pall Mall, RAC, on a wonderful London evening in July....

Was that an Aston Martin in the lobby?... Or was it a Ferrari...



6 pm Monday 5th October 2015 at The Little Ship Club, EC4, on The Thames: " Reflections of the Lord Mayor" event. Dame Fiona Woolf will be discussing the role of the Lord Mayor in what she terms "the new normal" of business life in London - with the pressing need to meet challenges such as delivering sustainability, diversity and longterm value to London and the UK. Find out more details about this non-profit event, and book at

Worshipful Observations....

A project manager was out walking alongside The Thames one day when a frog called out to him. He bent down, picked up the frog and put it in his pocket. The frog poked its head out of his pocket and said   "Hey, if you kiss me I'll turn me back into a beautiful princess, and I'll stay with you for a week as your girlfriend."          

The project manager took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it, and put it back into his pocket.

The frog called out once more, "If you kiss me and turn me back into a princess, I'll stay with you for as long as you wish and do absolutely anything that you want." Again the Project manager took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it and put it back.

Finally, the frog demanded, "What's the matter? You can turn me back into a beautiful princess, and I'll stay with you for ever and do anything you want. Why won't you kiss me?"

The project manager replied, "Understand, I'm a project manager. I simply don't have time for a girlfriend. But a talking frog...that's cool."


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