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WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company;  we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Issue 2: Jul 2013

In a graveyard, peering at the names on headstones

...  trespassing (with his magnifying glass ) in a garden on Dartmoor;  dressing up in Victorian costume, to appear at the wrong restaurant in Prague – and that’s Calvert Markham, rallying the Sherlock Holmes Society,  at his least eccentric....

London 1927 -  Was the skyline different?  Did classic cars impede traffic flows?  Did the flat cap stay on?

Were there any policemen about then? Do you wear a cloche hat when walking through Hyde Park?  Incredible colour footage of 1927 London, shot by early British pioneer of film, Claude Friese-Greene, using colour process that his father, William – a noted cinematographer – was experimenting with.  William Friese-Greene was the inventor of the motion-picture camera not Fox Talbot, as many Americans would have us believe.)   view the clip ... 

WCoMC / CASS Development Group: the Great Leap Forward

WCoMC luminaries are involved in informal debate and development with Cass Business School, to achieve a more 'executive-focused' output.  This will impact on praxis and public profile-raising.  read  more

Beautiful Voice - Great Stage Presence:

Baritone Roderick Williams, son of Past Almoner, Adrian Williams, was performing “A Sea Symphony” (Vaughn Williams) at the First Night at the Proms, 2013.  Click on this youtube link...   For those with more time try this link for the whole prom!

A Sailing Charter in Cuba:  Dark water, no stars, navigation equipment not working.

You will definitely need a drink after this!

Richard Stewart (member of WCoMC, crew on the Royalist Regatta 2013) and Chris Lait (friend of WCoMC and also crew for the Royalist Regatta 2013) took part in a sailing adventure in Cuba in February.  It turned out to be much more challenging than expected and ended in being ship-wrecked on an uninhabited desert island.  Here fellow Cuba crew member Lynda Watts recounts that terrifying evening. Plunge into the abyss...

The National Youth Orchestra:  see what the WCoMC donation has achieved

Angus Bain writes in strong terms about our support for his place in the violin section, for the second year.  With a scaled-down version of NYO, he was invited to Buckingham Palace to take part in the Queen's Coronation Concert in July. See Angus' impressive musical training programme

Survey of the Members: Doug Prior and Dr Robert Edenborough report on the findings

The First Warden, Edward Sankey, also presents a report on behalf of the Master and Wardens on how they have responded to these survey findings.  Read the reports in the Members Only area (you must login before following this link)

Two important dates for your diary:  

19 September - Annual Church Service and Reception

This starts with a street procession from Innholders Hall to the Church: we Members in our business attire, the Master and Wardens flashing their scarlet lapels and linings.  After the service, we process back for new member admissions and clothing of new Liverymen followed by a Reception with buffet supper and wine. This is a great evening.  Details will follow.

17 October - the Installation Dinner 

This is one of the most symbolic events of the year, to instal the new Master.  This year it will be held at Vintners' Hall - Black Tie.  Again, full details will follow.

Looking forward to the next Issue in September:   did she wear the Company "onesy" when she left her badge on the summit??

In full defiance of having had no time to train, Assistant Gia Campari ran up one or two flights of stairs, walked up a couple of escalators - and then climbed Kilimanjaro. Gia reveals.....

Check out our website please...

We would really appreciate your feedback on the Company Website.  We are putting a shedload of time into adding to it through the blogs and links from the newsletter - we now have a secure area for stuff that is not for public consumption. Use the email links in the left column for your suggestions please.

Let's give our Newsletter a name!  

How about:  Worshipful Bulletin, Worshipful Bugle, Proclamation, Hue and Cry, Emission, Clarion, OR Company News Organ even?  A couple of suggestions that came in were The Knowledge and All Change.....  Are we getting there?  Majority rules....  It's already taking on a frightening direction of its own.  Therefore it is critical to name it appropriately and give it a sense of its own importance as well as a modicum of dignity (should this be considered absolutely necessary).
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And finally the latest Rogues' Gallery ...

The Master greets the seven new Liverymen at the Education Dinner held on HQS Wellington, 20th June 2013.

This newsletter is produced by the WCoMC Communications Group.  Please let us know if you have any items to include in relation to any topics that come to mind!  The opinions expressed in this newsletter represent those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Company. WCoMC is a Chartered Charity (Privy Council Reference C877) and a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter (Company No. RC000819).