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NL June 2013


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company;  we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Yes, it is Noorzaman
and Kulbir's wedding
in South Africa...

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Issue 1: Jun 2013

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition!

This is already taking on a frightening direction of its own. It is therefore critical to name it appropriately and give it a sense of its own importance as well as a modicum of dignity (should this be considered absolutely necessary).  So instead of WCoMC News, how about: Worshipful Bulletin, Proclamation, Hue and Cry, Emission, Bugle, Clarion OR Company News Organ .....

ACTION:  readers are urged to select from these (improbable) names or come up with something better.  Email your suggestions to


The Worshipful Crew makes a big splash at the Charity Regatta in Portsmouth

Concerned that it might be poisoned, our Captain downs the rum ration before leaving the dockside. Notorious for his motivational speeches, the Captain assembles the wretched crew for the traditional briefing: ".... he makes reference to our doubtful ancestry, our personal hygiene and the probability that we are carrying highly contagious diseases...".   Read on and sign up for next year


Management Consultants: Work opportunities

EU Presidency passes to Lithuania in July: First unique official event gathers Management Consultants from around the world to the great holiday town of Vilnius! The sessions in this first ever worldwide conference (3rd to 4th July) will benefit consultants working internationally; those working locally; and business companies. Unparalleled opportunity to develop international connections for work on international projects. Find out how you can get hooked and booked


Get involved before it’s too late!

Hauling in direct applications from clients is all part of the new web-based contact and membership system. Pro Bono luminaries dealing with charity clients who create better chances for children, growth plans for the unemployed, strategies for Volunteering, mentoring support for CEOs. Read on about the Great Leap Forward


Romance is truly alive and in the air

Fostered in the nurturing atmosphere of Worshipful Company circles [we cannot actually claim any of this] against a backdrop of Cape Town’s iconic Table mountain, the South Atlantic Ocean boiling below, Noorzaman and Kulbir were married in February.  See photo in the left hand column.  Our warmest congratulations!


Is the business press right in saying that WCoMC is one of the better kept industry secrets?

“The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants can help consultancy firms maximise the effectiveness - and professional benefits - of their philanthropic endeavours”  says management consultancy columnist, Mick James


The WCoMC Professional Network

Hard Core mingling and shop talk... Introduce your business and current project...

The meetings are at the Cheshire Cheese pub (Little Essex Street), on the stamping ground of Fleet Street journos and High Court lawyers. Drinks, good bar meals, rarified (but high-oxygen) atmosphere and company... Next meeting: 11th July at 6 pm. Learn all about it


Cel ...ebrate good times....c'mon!

For those who missed our Master's Blog article, catch up on his report from The Company Celebration dinner held in the magnificence of the Honourable Artillery Company quarters: 180 diners, National Youth Orchestra, Sea Cadets on guard. Prizes to six Pro-Bono projects judged to have made a significant difference. Acknowledgment of £80m/year contributed to good causes. Lyrical write-up by management consultancy columnist, Mick James, in …… Put something back


Looking forward to July 2013 Issue

We have a unique 1927 film clip of London that will shock you. With its change of skyline, change of pace, change of styles – although in essence still representing the London we know. WCoMC members have eclectic tastes. Anything that takes the fancy of any one member is bound to appeal to a vast number of others. See what you can come up with. The Editor will be pleased!  Send to

This newsletter is produced by the WCoMC Communications Group.  Please let us know if you have any items to include in relation to any topics that come to mind!  The opinions expressed in this newsletter represent those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Company. WCoMC is a Chartered Charity (Privy Council Reference C877) and a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter (Company No. RC000819).