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NL March 2014


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company;  we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Issue 08:  Mar 2014


A scholarship for advanced study launched by Cass, in conjunction with the J.P.Moulton Charitable Foundation, advised by WCoMC

4-year doctoral programme offering support of £15,000 per year for the successful candidate.   

Honorary Liveryman, Jon Moulton, walks us through the theme for the research proposals ...


Proposal to get a small Music Group together.  Many WCoMC members have enjoyed music in various guises -  special events like St Cecilia Day concert in Westminster Abbey, post-Dinner jazz etc

Liveryman Drewe Lacey proposes to get a group together at an event on 12th May to plot the way forward ...


How the sexes age and how they deal with it - general observations have men - having been accepted as a mate - say 'job done' , then reverting to their natural preference for sitting in groups eating large volumes of fats and carbohydrates & playing games such as 'spot the mammoth' 

Women, on the other hand, have often devoted considerably more energy to ...

 Liveryman Jeff Cant reflects on Evolution and Aging ...    


From accidental entrepreneur to managing 9.5 billion data points a month

The key lesson?  Stick to your guns - if it feels right, it probably is.  But make sure you bring others along with you!

Liveryman Rebecca Harding walks us through the building of a knowledge-based business ...


Music is a proven method of creating a military environment.  WCoMC presents an unusal gift to South Western London Army Cadet Force

Liveryman Colonel Simon Chapman gives us a blast ...


Message in a bottle.....

David McComie with a Risk Management disaster ...  

An informal appreciation lunch for John McLean Fox held at Ironmongers' Hall on 10th March

Liveryman Gordon Stoker recounts ...


Expanding our activities.   Special interest groups and  lunches at places where few others have been...

The Master and Second Warden propose ...



Celebration Dinner:  On 17th June WCoMC is leading a dinner to celebrate and promote the pro bono support that the Management Consultancy profession provides to the Charity sector.  In partnership with the Management Consultants Association, the best pro bono projects will be identified and trophies will be presented. Attending the dinner will be senior representatives from Government, the City and the major consultancies, together with organisations from the Charity sector.

It will be a perfect social  as well as marketing occasion for you and your business partners and clients. Book online, or with

Common Hall:  24th June at 11.45, at the Guildhall. Every Liveryman clothed before 31 May 2013 can excercise their right to vote to elect the two Sheriffs in this ancient and wonderfully theatrical City Ceremony.  All the City dignitaries will process in their robes, including your Master. One of the candidates, Fiona Adler, will join us at the Education Supper.  Lunch with the Master afterward at the Little Ship Club. Payment on the day.  Book online to receive a ticket from the Clerk

Lord Mayors Ball: 21 October 2014.  White or black tie.  Dancing in the Great Hall in Guildhall. This will be a very glamorous occasion that the Master, Edward Sankey, and his wife Karen will be attending.  Please indicate asap (provisionally) your interest in joining them.  Cost is £250/head with a discount if WCoMC has a table of 12.  Proceeds to The Lord Mayor's Appeal. Please contact

Who plays the piano?  Would  you be able to accompany a group at a formal event, singing the national anthem and grace? Anyone who sings in a choir please offer to help also


This newsletter is produced by the WCoMC Communications Group.  Please let us know if you have any items to include in relation to any topics that come to mind!  The opinions expressed in this newsletter represent those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Company. WCoMC is a Chartered Charity (Privy Council Reference C877) and a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter (Company No. RC000819).