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NL March 2015


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company;  we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Some of the Music Group about to take over Ronnie Scotts in Soho

Issue 18:  March 2015


Half Term Report from the Master:  I wanted to write a quick note in this newsletter, particularly following the lunchtime celebration we held at Mansion House. Do you mean you missed it? Well keep an eye out for the pictures, which I will incorporate into the City Blog as soon as I get them! I just wanted to thank everyone in the Company for your continuing support of our work and fellowship.

We have a pretty busy schedule for my second half year - please keep an eye on the Events Programme. Also, as an early warning, I have volunteered to be Jailed and Bailed in June  as part of the Lord Mayor's annual support of the British Red Cross. Now I am relying on you all wanting to see me released and that you will therefore all make donations appropriately! More news shortly. Many thanks in anticipation.


Liquidity problems are the hot topic in Greece.... According to Getty the Greek state is running out of liquidity to carry out its day to day functions ....

Past Master Vicky Pryce explores this deepening crisis....


A Consultant working in underdeveloped countries walks the agonising tightrope of accepting local norms and values - versus resenting obscenely unfair wealth distribution...

Liveryman Michael Reddy observes....


The inside track into female psychology.  Attraction is not a choice:  9 fatal mistakes that prevent men from succeeding with women....

With the reputation of his Italian nation behind him, Freeman Bepi Pezzulli provides a Blueprint for Management Consultants to navigate through these turbulent waters...


Past Master, Bob Garratt. receives an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Global Forum for Leadership, Organisational Development and Business-Driven Action Learning research and praxis, at their 2015 Annual Conference at Clare College, Cambridge... 

PM Garratt writes on "Changing the Leadership focus to behaviours and values rather than codes and compliance"....


In sickness and in health....

Liveryman Nanette Young subjects the NHS to professional scrutiny as they manage her hip replacement.... 


Would you like to expose your musician child to an exclusive Study Day with this set of players?....

Past Master Patrick McHugh outlines the benefits of getting close to La Nuova Musica....


Technology - it means that our Clients have a huge amount of information at their fingertips - together with a dramatically decreased expectation of the time they are willing to wait to get business answers to their most complicated questions....

Freeman Steve Huntley, on the train,  managing his life by using most of this currently available technology....



New book launched on March 26th by Past Master, Vicky Pryce et alia.  Vicky Pryce is chief economic adviser at the Centre for Economics and Business Research and a former joint head of the Government Economic Service.

"It’s The Economy, Stupid: Economics for Voters by Vicky Pryce, Andy Ross & Peter Urwin"
This is introduced as "An important, accessible guide to the economic issues faced by the electorate."
“.. it is a very smart piece of writing. Vicky Pryce (yes, that Vicky
Pryce), Andy Ross and Peter Urwin have done a commendable job of explaining Britain’s economic position. The language is straightforward and the storytelling compelling. You’d struggle to name a more coherent account of
the credit crunch, which is impressive considering its complexity.”                   Tim Stanly, Telegraph

Available on Amazon -

Worshipful Observations - 

You might be a Management Consultant if…

  • you ask the waiter what the restaurant’s core competencies are.
  • you feel naked without a laptop hanging from your left shoulder.
  • you decide to reorganize your family into a “team-based organization.”
  • you think that it’s actually efficient to write a ten page paper with six other people you don’t know.
  • you believe you never have any problems in your life, just “issues” and “improvement opportunities.”
  • you explain to your bank manager that you prefer to think of yourself as “highly leveraged” as opposed to “in debt.”
  • you can explain the difference between “down-sizing,” “right-sizing,” and “firing people” and you actually believe your explanation.
  • “vacationing” is spending an entire weekend in your own home.
  • you are upset when you come home on Friday night and the lights aren’t on, the bed isn’t turned down, and there are no chocolates on your pillow.
  • you write a workplan for your weekends.

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