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NL November/December 2018


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company; we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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"The Rise of the Robot Consultant?" This Centre for Management Consulting Excellence [CMCE] global symposium examined the findings of a major research project conducted by the Centre over the last year into the skills likely to be required by consultants in 2030. 

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Issue 55: Nov/Dec 2018



Your Master's Voice...

It has been just over a month since my installation and, as you can imagine, my diary has been busy with Company Events as well as representing WCoMC at Livery Events:

I have attended two stimulating Shop Talks. The locations of the two events couldn't have contrasted more. The first, old style, was held in the top of the Artillery Arms in Bunhill Row, and we had three of our new members talk about their background followed by some lively discussion and socialising. The second, the last of the series organised by Kulbir Shergill and Rachel Whitehouse (for whom many thanks are due for their efforts over the last couple of years), was held at KPMG's offices in Canary Wharf. There we were treated to a superb presentation from Martin Blackburn, head of people at KPMG, on employee engagement. Again some very interesting debate ensued whilst enjoying KPMG's kind hospitality.

At the New Masters Reception the Wardens and I, supported by the Chairs of the Pro Bono, Membership and Education and Professional Development, had the opportunity to explain our strategic priorities in our plans for the next 3 years. In particular, we see the need for the Company to have greater focus on the management consulting profession; to ensure it communicates effectively the social impact of our pro bono work; and to encourage greater diversity amongst our membership.

As signalled at the Installation Dinner, I am keen to continue my full involvement in our pro bono work during my Master's year. To that end I attended a fund raising dinner at the House of Commons for one of our pro bono clients, the Dental Wellness Trust. I also carried out a YBI accreditation review of their network member in Italy, involving 4 days in Turin and Naples plus report writing and review meetings here in the UK. Great fun!

On behalf of our Company, I've had two wonderful events in association with the Sea Cadets, whom we support as a part of our affiliation as a Livery Company to the Forces. At the back end of October I was their guest at the Trafalgar Day parade where sea cadets from around the UK marched past Trafalgar Square in commemoration of the famous battle. At the reception afterwards, we were reminded of the extent the Sea Cadets rely on a huge network of volunteers and the great social impact they make in engaging young people, many of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Then, this month, we had the great pleasure of marching with the Sea Cadets in the Lord Mayor's Parade. Because the navy led the Parade this year, we were very near the front and, indeed, the first Livery Company. It was very pleasing to see several of our newer members joining the contingent marching.

nother annual livery ceremony I attended was the Festival of St Cecilia at St Paul's Cathedral where the Clerk, IPM and I joined the procession of Livery Companies prior to the service. After the sevice, a group of us from WCoMC retired for a very convivial lunch organised by Drewe Lacey, Chair of our Music Interest Group.

There have also been two briefings at the Mansion House for Livery Companies. The first, involving the retiring Lord Mayor, concerned the pan-livery initiative aimed at responding to the negative press that the Livery has been receiving in some quarters in recent times. It was most heartening to hear our Company being singled out for its contribution to the initiative with Noorzaman Rashid and Bob Harris receiving special mentions. Secondly, the incoming Lord Mayor gave a briefing on his priorities for the forthcoming year.

Other livery events that I have attended include lectures organised by the Horners and Actuaries Companies, and a private viewing run by the Turners Company of the entries to their competitions run for both amateur and professional wood turners. For someone who regularly came bottom of the class at school in woodwork, despite having a grandfather who was a carpenter, I was amazed to see the quality and variety of the products on display.




       The 691st Lord Mayor of the City of London - Peter Estlin [see articles below]


A Riddle for Christmas! - What has lasted centuries and is made new every year...?  The City does Renewal with Stability better than anywhere. Management consultants very often work in this dialectic. In the City, Renewal with Stability is shown in the leading offices of governance and ceremony!   Past Master, Edward Sankey describes the Chains of the Centuries...

- Traditions which date from medieval times come to life and are transposed into the 21st Century.  The Lord Mayor's Show dates from 1215, when it was deemed necessary to show the Lord Mayor, in order to prove his fitness at the start of his Mayoral year.... First Warden Denise Fellows on the march....

 - The route to becoming Lord Mayor... How the City of London operates - Where would you place yourself on this Organisation Chart...? 

- The Secret City of London - Part One - .... History

- The Secret City of London - Part Two - Government....

Trust and ethics are key considerations for the professions of Accounting, Management Consulting, and in the wider City... Continuing our developing relationship with the ACCA, after the successful Education Supper this year, WCoMC partnered with them to support Global Ethics Day, in October. with Lord Mayor Charles Bowman as speaker...

Assistant Frank Brown, Education Chair, brought key stakeholders together at Mansion House to discuss the topic of "Trust in the City"...


the £15.4bn Crossrail project will not meet its December completion date.  "Construction News" [October 2018] investigates the detailed reasons behind the scheme's nine-month setback - and whether more delays could follow.... 


Keeping Informed:

On Thursday, 29th November, the Prime Minister, Theresa May gave evidence to the [cross party] Liaison Committee, on the Brexit Deal. [See link]. This Deal is to be voted on in the House of Commons by Members of Parliament - on Tuesday December 11th.


A superb Christmas present!!  "The 99 Essential Business Questions:  To take you beyond the obvious management actions."  Ask the right Questions: Make the right decisions. Authors: Gia Campari; David Glassman; Michael Jeans; Patrick McHugh; David Peregrine-Jones; David Shannon; Benjamin Taylor See article....

- Company Christmas Lunch:  Monday December 17th, 12:30 pm atronmongers' Hall, Shaftesbury Place, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8AA.   Cost £51.

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- Our Annual Charities Supper: 16 Jan 2019: at 6 pm:  at Skinners' Hall; 8 Dowgate Hill London, EC4R 2SP:  Cost:  Not yet finalised.

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