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NL October 2014


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company;  we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Issue 14:  Oct 2014


What is this link to the left; why the change? It is part of our plan to develop our "third leg", our Fellowship through the Civic City and the Livery. Come to the Reception on 20th November to hear more of my/our plans for the next year/three years. WCoMC is a Great Modern Livery Company - and we will develop it further, by working together to grow and build a strong membership and fellowship. PS: Try clicking on the City Blog Link and think what content you could add....  Thank you!

Patrick Chapman -


WCoMC on digital:  Thinking and Wisdom in an era of information overwhelm. Inherently linked to decision making and focus, "Choice" is likely to become an ever more signigicant skill....

 Freeman Simon Davey navigating Clients through the technology and helping them distinguish the wood from the trees...     

Polishing the Dowgate Hoard: a highly-skilled task force of Management Consultants in a 17th century cellar, putting systems round the Company Treasure....
Rituals from the Dawn of Time: the crowning of new Emperors at the Grocers Hall in the City....

WCoMC-supported charity, Working Chance, placed 144 candidates into paid employment this year - an astonishing growth of 55% on the year before ....

 Past Master Vicky Pryce, a Patron, describes the activities of this specialist Recruitment consultancy.....        

Just because you're a Strategy expert doesn't make you a good consultant for the Charity sector....    
A glittering night in Guildhall for the inaugural event of the Lord Mayor's Ball....
Change at the top in the Wine Club....
Lose this and we might also lose our right to the silken rope. if hanged....

Festival of St Cecilia:   The annual celebration of music and musicians!  Westminster Cathedral, Victoria St, London, SW1P 1QW at 11:00 am, Wed, 19th November   Book on the website.  The service is proceded by, and closed by, a livery procession.  We will follow the service with a sociable lunch at "The Pain Quotidien" in Wilton Plaza, 128 Wilton Road, which is a location very near the Cathedral.  Drewe Lacey has kindly agreed to coordinate the lunch - please settle your personal bill at the restaurant. We will assume that everyone who reserves a place at the service will join us for lunch.  Please advise Drewe by email if this is not the case.

Lord Mayor's Show:  Next Saturday 8th November. Join the annual parade with an informal lunch break, 

Since we became a Livery Company we have participated in the Lord Mayor’s Show which is always held on the second Saturday in November following the Lord Mayor’s installation on the previous day.  For the last few years we have paraded with the London Area Sea Cadets and have contributed to the cost of their float.   We will be doing this again and all members of the Company are welcome to join us.  It would be good to see if we can reach our allocated maximum of twenty marchers.

Only Company members can walk in the parade, but friends & family are welcome to join in breakfast & lunch. Cost of lunch to be confirmed.


0930 – Breakfast at Flat 107 Gilbert House in the Barbican
1030 – Join Parade (in London Wall)
1300 – Lunch at the Cheshire Cheese
1600 – Parade ends
1630 – Adjourn to hostelry

Book on the website or email David Johnson if you want to join in!

New Master's Reception and Admissions. November 20th, 2014 6:00 PM   to   9:00 PM   Book on the website

An opportunity for informal networking with our new Master.Following the formal admissions ceremony, take this opportunity to meet new and existing members and our new Master at the start of our year, over an informal finger buffet with wine in the historical venue of the members dining room in Guildhall. In particular it will be an opportunity to discuss our Master's vision for the Company.

Gresham St
London, EC2V-7HH

Inter Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot 2015 - at the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds - 20th of May 2015.  This year's event - the 22nd - was very successful with over 120 teams representing 61 Livery companies.  Prizes were awarded to Grocers, Butchers, Gunmakers, Farriers, Clothworkers, Ironmongers, with the Ladies prize going to a member of the Engineers. £7500 was donated to a range of Charities, including £1k to the Lord Mayor's Charity. The cost will be £162.50 per gun, which is inclusive of insurance, cartridges, clays and the famous buffet lunch, roast pig, breakfast, morning coffee etc. All teams will be seated to table plan. Very popular event, so early completed application forms with payment or notification of participation appreciated - from their website  interliveryshoot
Further information from the organiser, Christopher Parr at 

Bread Tin App now released!  The Bread Tin - a WCoMC-supported Charity set up to encourage philanthropy amongst young professionals - now has their very own app.  Using a series of targeted questions, this app allows you to discover the things you most care about, which could help you choose a Bread Tin group to get involved with.  It was conceived, designed and built by Orange Digital.  Download it here on  Android

Worshipful Observation:
How do you know when you're married to a management consultant?
You know your partner is a consultant when he or she...
-  Referred to the first month of your relationship as a "diagnostic period"
- Talks to the waiter about process flow when dinner arrives late
- Takes half a day at the office because - "Sunday is your day"
- Congratulates your parents for successful value creation
- Tries to call room service from your bedroom
- Ends any argument by saying "Let's talk about this off-line"
- Celebrates anniversaries by conducting a performance review
- Gives you a Valentine's Day card with bullet points
- Refers to lovemaking as a "win-win" situation with "Can-Do" attitude
                                     [Contributed by Freeman Pradip Lotlecar]

This newsletter is produced by the WCoMC Communications Group.  Please let us know if you have any items to include in relation to any topics that come to mind!  The opinions expressed in this newsletter represent those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Company. WCoMC is a Chartered Charitable Organisation (Privy Council Reference C877) and a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter (Company No. RC000819).